Zero Cost Traffic Tips – 3 Super Simple & Highly Effective Traffic Techniques

Traffic is a huge subject to cover in one single article so I am going to cover 3 easy and super simple techniques you can use to drive targeted traffic back to your online business for massive profits. Traffic is the life blood of any online business and without it you will never see the results you truly desire.

These 3 traffic techniques are going to enable you to swiftly take action without any delay.

Article Writing

This is by far one of the most effective ways of driving traffic back to your blog, squeeze pages, videos etc. Article marketing builds instant credibility for you and your online business and people instantly see you as an authority figure within your niche. You will generally receive high quality traffic from articles too which is always a great asset to have in your business.

Article marketing has been around for many years now and it still continues to produce the goods for many Internet Marketers today. Consistency is vital when producing articles and you should be aiming to produce them everyday at least.

Once you have built up an archive of content from your article creation efforts; you can bundle these articles up and create free reports out of them so you can build your list and then sell your products and services to those subscribers at the back end of your sales funnel.

Forum Marketing

Again forum marketing for traffic is a bit old school but it should not be overlooked as it can provide high volumes of targeted traffic towards your blog, squeeze pages etc. If someone is willing to part with their time by looking for information at a forum; then there is a great chance that they are actively looking for solutions to their problems.

All you have to do is get involved with the forum community and establish yourself as a helpful and valued member at the forum. Ask questions, answer fellow forums members questions and post regular useful threads that can generally help people with answers to their problems.

Once you get a feel of how the forum works as a community, you can literally become an authority figure within that particular niche forum. Most forums allow you to leave a link in a signature box that points back to your blog or squeeze pages. You can drive massive amounts of free laser targeted traffic with forum marketing alone.


Owning a blog within your niche instantly gives you the opportunity to brand yourself and builds trust and credibility which is massively important for developing relationships with your site visitors. If they decide to join your email list via your blog; they will trust your opinions and recommendations far more than joining your email list from another source.

You can build your email list, generate a constant flow of free targeted traffic and direct traffic towards affiliate offers or even your own products and services. Linking your blog with a

FaceBook comments plug-in allows your content to be shared all around the FaceBook community without you having to do any extra traffic generation yourself. Your blog can quickly become a huge traffic magnet once you gain some initial momentum and produce content that is well written and gets your visitors excited about your products and services.