Your Fast Track Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success in 2013 and Way Beyond

road-to-success-220I can remember what I felt when I very first heard what I am about to tell you here today.

Also I am betting you 100 BIG ONES that you will feel 2 of the same emotions I felt that day.

My mentor at the time said that the only way to make a ‘Rock-Solid’ & dependable stable income online is to do as much of the following as possible and focus 99% of your efforts on doing so before even thinking about doing anything else.

You want to know what those 2 vital things are? (were at the time also)

Well, I’m not going to tell you yet because I want to see if you can guess what they are and hopefully you are already right as to what they actually are.

You see, there are 2 main reactions that come with these 2 vital components which I am about to give to you.

Some of you will thank me for them & run with them until YOU see them work for you and create a fantastic online business that brings in monthly incomes you could have only dreamed of a few months prior to reading this post.

(We are looking into the future now, can you tell)?

And some of you will cringe at the thought and run off to the nearest GURU who will tell you he’s  raking it in by pushing 2 buttons a day & never works harder than spending his millions on his latest super-car.

(GOD, I can see him driving off in his RED FERRARI right now) Shudder at the thought of those dreaded GURU’S!

Truthfully though the SAD fact of the matter is that the chances of most people becoming successful online is actually very slim.

It is said that a WHOPPING 97% of newcomer Internet Marketers who start up online to make money & build a stable business actually FAIL!

Quite shocking reading isn’t it?

So for every 100 people who start an online business 97 of them are destined for failure.

Why is this rate so high & what can you do to position yourself in the top 3%?

Well I think it is because of so many reasons and the main ones I believe are ‘Over Complicating’ things & entering an online business with the completely wrong  ‘Mind-Set’.

Also you certainly don’t have to be the smartest of people to be able to succeed online.

I left school with no real qualifications, went straight into a dead-end job, left that job, got an apprenticeship as an electrical engineer, got bored of that (as I was very raw & young at the time, WRONG MINDSET) and went on to countless jobs that weren’t going to allow me to take my life where I wanted it to go.

All I wanted to do at school was play football, take part in any sort of sport possible and everything else was just boring to me at the time.

So thinking you have to be qualified for every single thing going before you go into this Internet Marketing thing is complete rubbish.

Now we have covered why the failure rate is so high & that there are a countless reasons for this but you wanna know what the MAIN REASONS are & how simple they can be replicated by YOU?

Okay here they are, YOU READY?

They don’t focus enough on or MOST OF THEIR TIME…

…Creating their own products, then building a WHOPPING GREAT BIG email list so they can recommend their products & services to their list & make money!

Now sit back, take a DEEP BREATH & thank me for lifting that HUGE “Information Overload” off of your shoulders.

I know a lot of you are also saying to yourselves…

…”What we already know that, you keep on telling us that”.

Well my question to you is this:


If you are, then I have just placed YOU in my AWESOME list & you can personally ask me to promote your product for you to my list when you GO LIVE.

Look, we have all possibly walked around and browsed through a market stall ‘offline’ before where there are hundreds of people stood around with things to sell like ‘Household Appliances’ to ‘Kids Toys’ right up to more of the WACKY, WEIRD & WONDERFUL products you see being sold.

Now wouldn’t it be a bit strange if you saw a shop owner stood outside of his business that had nothing to sell?



This is the same with ‘Online’ marketing guys.

It’s no different.

You have to have something to sell or you don’t have a business.


At least choose an affiliate product that converts well and throw some traffic at it.

But by far the best way to build a sustainable & solid online income today & has been for some time is to create your products and build a list so that you have an engaged audience that wants to hear your opinions, views & recommendations on what they should buy & how it can help them to go from where they are now and get to where they wish to be.

All the other stuff that continues to fill up our minds with more information like Facebook, Twitter and more is just there as a little extra (kind of like the cherry on top kind of thing).

But you need to focusing 99% of your time on creating products, driving traffic & building your list as fast as you possibly can.

Don’t let yourself get BOGGED down by thinking that you have to create 20 products & own tons of FREE gifts that allow you to build your list and become successful.


Just owning 1 product & being able to give away part of that product for FREE in order to build your list is going to place you in the top 3% right away because you have the ingredients of being able to build a dependable & profitable online business.

You can use what you already have with the paid product and use that to build your list and then people are much more likely to buy the FULL version as they will just see it as an UPGRADE to what they already have sampled.

Once you know that your 1st basic but well oiled sales funnel converts well, you can start throwing some paid traffic at it to really crank up the numbers on your list.

You can use Solo Ads as they provide you with extremely targeted traffic that is actively looking for products & services that you are offering.

Once you are at a stage where you know that for every $40 you spend on a solo ad, you are going to at least make most or even profit from your paid investment; you are really onto something and can really take things to the next level.


Bigger list, greater conversions, HOT traffic hitting your sales funnel like crazy every single month!

So there you have it.

1. Create your 1st product

2. Set up a squeeze page & give away part of your paid product for FREE to build your list

3. Drive as much traffic to your squeeze page as possible using as many FREE & paid sources you can

4. Make money

5. Keep building your list, make more products, build STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with your list for maximum results

So what’s it gonna be?

You going to take action or are you going to look for an easier alternative?

To be honest, this method isn’t even that hard to do anyway.

This next decision you make is VERY IMPORTANT!

Remember if you have any questions or feedback you want to leave regarding this post feel free to leave them below within the comments box.

Have a fantastic day!

Gavin Birchall