Why List Building Can Begin To Produce Big Pay Days In A Short Space Of Time!

Building an e-mail list is the easy part when considering you have to know how to turn that e-mail list into profits. Anyone can set up a simple squeeze page and drive traffic to it; but not everyone knows how to turn those subscribers into paying customers. You could easily build an e-mail list of up to 5000 subscribers in just four weeks or even less if you had enough disposable income to buy advertising or hire someone to create this traffic for you.

The most important missing step is often overlooked. You have to know how to develop a relationship with your new subscribers and almost have them feel as though you are their best friend. Once this step has been established; your recommendations to buy your product has somebody else’s products will be dramatically easier than just trying to sell to your new subscribers straightaway.

Here is how you too can shortcut your way to producing the big paydays from list building:

Step 1 – Create a squeeze page along with an offer that you can give away free. You will also need hosting and domain name and assuming you have all four of these; we can continue with the next steps.

Step 2 – Next you need to create at least 10 messages within your auto responder so that once people join your list; you can send out these messages on autopilot and begin to build a relationship that is vital within the first few days of your new subscribers joining your email list. These can be a combination of more free gifts, bonuses and subtle pitches towards buying your products are recommending related affiliate products.

Step 3 – Now you have to find targeted traffic that you can test against your newly created sales funnel. You can easily by solo ads from from reputable vendors for a relatively small fee. You can find these at: Safe-Swaps.com, Warrior Forum, SoloAdDirectory.com and this should be more than enough to get you started. A solo ad work’s as a way of you being able to advertise your squeeze page and free offer in front of an audience that has shown previous interest in that particular niche. You pay the solo ad seller and in return they send your ad to their list of subscribers over a short period of time.

The best way is to buy solo ads that come with guaranteed clicks. This means that if you purchase 3000 clicks you will get those clicks no matter what. So this means you could have 3000 people clicking on your ad over the next few days. If you’re squeeze page is converting at 50% for example; you could see 1500 people joining your e-mail list in no time at all. If you have taken the time to find an enticing one-time offer that people could purchase for around seven dollars as soon as they join your list; then some of your initial investment can even be recovered.

Now that you have these new subscribers on your list; your 10 messages you created within your auto responder can produce the back end profits for you. You can also begin to do at swaps with other list owners now that you have a subscriber list that is of a decent size. This will build your list even more rapidly and once you know your auto responder is creating profits; you just need to focus and keep building the numbers onto your e-mail list.