When (Lack Of) Concentration Affects Productivity

It’s difficult for just about anyone to get anything done if they can’t focus. When someone finds it hard to concentrate on their work, productivity will simply suffer. And when productivity suffers, work that needs to be done can’t be completed.


Things such as distractions as well as constant interruptions can affect focus and concentration. Of course there are many other factors which can affect one’s ability to concentrate, but if you have the power to deal with the ones you can, then why not right?


Here are some ways which can hopefully help you gain your concentration and gain back productivity to help reduce that piling workload.


Stop Multitasking


Multitasking may give you the illusion that you are getting many tasks done in the some amount of time. But just how well can the end-product be when you are concerned but several different tasks or jobs at once. It’s just hard to concentrate when you have so many things running concurrently in your mind at once.


If you deal with something that demands quality or requires attention to detail then you better stop multitasking right away or you might have to start all over just because of a botched job which in turn meant more time wasted.


Get Rid Of Distractions


Sure, we all love our friends and family. And we love having them around. But sometimes we do wish they love us enough to know when to leave us alone especially when we are working.


For those who can’t take the hint, inform them of your working hours and tell them that you do not wish to be disturbed during that time.


This can include your online friends as well. So it’s time to set your online status in your messenger to ‘busy’ when you are doing more important work.


Take The Time To Plan


No. You are not slowing yourself down by taking the time first to plan things out. On the contrary, planning beforehand actually saves you more time in the end because planning allows you to set goals to achieve for the day and planning also gives you direction.


So when executing the plan, you waste no time to do what needs to be done because you already know what to do and how to do it thanks to the planning or preparation phase.


Smaller Portions


We’re not talking about food here. We’re talking about the size of the tasks. More often than not, a big task can often be broken down into smaller pieces. (This can be determined in the planning phase as discussed earlier.)


By breaking down a task into smaller pieces, it can be less overwhelming and it can even be delegated to your co-workers or employees if you have any.


Plus, you get to reward yourself after completing every task with a little bit of rest. This in turn can help refresh your brain to be more productive when you get back to work tackling the next task.





You know when you’re not organized when you just can’t seem to find the things you need. It also always seems to happen at the most inconvenient at times. And I bet you know how utterly frustrating that can be as I have been caught in that kind of situation more times than I could care to count.


Be it physically or digitally, organization in the workspace is very important because time spent looking for things are time better spent getting things done.


Sort out your desk or computer desktop by categorizing or organizing things so that you’ll know where everything is, so it’ll be easy to find when you need them.



By putting these simple tips and tricks into practice, you will find that indeed they can make a world of difference in helping you to be more productive during work. It’s all about recognizing priority and if your priority here is to be more productive then you have to do everything you can to help achieve that.