What Makes A Product Sell

Yes, in Internet Marketing, coming up with your very own product can potentially be very profitable for you and your business. However, note that I said “potentially”. Creating your very own products is not a guarantee that you will earn plenty of money from the sales, because there is also a chance that it will not sell at all.


It’s not enough to be creating a product. You have to create something that people actually want first. There are just as many things that people do want out there as there are many things that people do not. If you create something that people do not want, or something that people are simply not looking for then you will have only wasted your time, money and efforts in creating the product.


Simply put, no demand…no dollar.


Don’t Guess


This is what happens to most Internet marketers who go on creating their own products. They ASSUME what people want. Something that sounds like a good idea for a product might sound good in your head, but it might not be the same story with other people. It’s time you stop playing the guessing game and do your research early and extensively.


It’s much easier to find and cater to people who are already wanting and in need of something as opposed to creating a want and need yourself.


So how do you find a niche that is demand? How do you come up with a product that will sell?

Well, you can start from understanding the powerful psychology which motivates people to buy in the first place.


A Deeper Reason


Products that can help stop relief or remedy (recurring) pain, products that help solve a problem and products that provide pleasure or happiness are examples of product traits which generally sell well.


What do these things have in common?

They all trigger emotions. It doesn’t matter if it’s fear, happiness, sadness…emotions are a very powerful motivational tool in getting people to buy. This is because people are always looking for something to satisfy an emotional aspect and if they find that product can help achieve that, then they are near certain to buy it.


So instead of coming up with a product first, you must first identify your target market and determine if there is indeed a demand there, there and only then can you create your product which revolves around that demand.


Promotion Before Product-Creation


However, the process of selling your product begins as early as before you even start creating the actual product. In order to be truly successful in selling your product and maximizing potential profits, you must first establish a credible and positive reputation with your target market.


It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You are establishing yourself as an authority figure in your niche while at the same time you are amassing your target audience. You have to be seen as someone who they can trust, and that you are the “go-to” guy when it comes to your niche.


Once you have established a relationship with your audience and built your online presence, it’s going to be much easier and better when you are finally ready to market your product to them. Through this way, they will see your product as more of a recommendation from someone they know and trust as opposed to an Internet marketer who is trying to get them to buy a product that’s being shoved in their faces. And that is the mistake many Internet marketers have been doing.




This method doesn’t only work well for your personally created products, it also works for services as well as products which are made by other people. What is important is that you match the right product or service to their suited target audience.


To do that, you must take the time to better understand your audience and find out what are their wants and needs. Only then can you find the most suitable product or service to promote or create for them.