What Is Affiliate Marketing? – How To Find Affiliate Products And Make Your First Sales Online

What Is Affiliate Marketing? – How To Find Affiliate Products And Make Your First Sales Online


Hello and welcome to today’s Internet Marketing/Make Money Online business training tutorial where Gavin Birchall from GavinBirchall.com discusses what is affiliate marketing and how to find affiliate products and make your first sales online.

Making your first sales online can be one of the most challenging things you can try and achieve online when you first begin your online business journey.

So today we’re going to look at how you can find HIGH quality affiliate products and FAST so you can start promoting them to your email lists and start making your first sales in your business.

Once you’ve reached that GOAL then it’s all about analyzing what you have achieved so far and then trying to SCALE up in terms of reaching the next target number of sales in your Internet Marketing online business.

So affiliate marketing can be a great place to start if you don’t yet have your own products to sell to your clients and potential customers when you’re first starting out online.

Your GOAL could then be to make 10 sales per day, then 20, then 50 and so on depending on your overall strategy.

And of course this all comes down to many factors like ‘pricing’ of the products you sell and so on.

Either way this video will help you get on the ladder and pick out some targeted and useful affiliate products that can not only make you your first sales but also benefit your lists greatly too as they’re getting a chance to invest into information that can help them reach their GOALS, solve a problem and so on.

Enjoy the training!

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