We’ve Never Even Met: But I BET YOU $100 That You’ve Done This Before…

We’ve Never Even Met: But I BET YOU $100 That You’ve Done This Before.

Can you guess what it might be?

If you’re just ONE of many 100,000’s of people online trying to figure this “Internet Marketing” dream lifestyle thing out; then I’m 1000% confident that you’ve ran into periods online where you’ve literally WASTED hours of getting nothing to very little done in your online business.

Am I right?

Thought so.


But don’t get me wrong.

I’m not here to BRAG about that fact; in fact I want to HELP you move away from that endless cycle of being “REACTIVE” rather than being “PROACTIVE”.

You see being more “PROACTIVE” in your online business and in life in general is what will get you the RESULTS that YOU’VE set out for yourself and not some BOSS who tells you what to do and you go and do it for example.

But being “REACTIVE” means that you’re reacting to the ‘STIMULUS’ of life.

And that means you’re 100% DEFINITELY NOT IN CONTROL when you make this a daily habit in whatever it is do in your life.

Let’s create a scenario of someone who sits down to start work on their online business and ends up getting very little to NOTHING done by the end of their day:

1. You sit down at your computer to start work.

2. You DON’T have any written plans or “To Do Lists” for this day.

3. So the first thing you do is open up your emails to see of you’ve made any sales today.

4. As soon as you do; you see an “EYE CATCHING” email from some online ‘GURU’.

5. They PROMISE you that this latest training or video of theirs is going to CHANGE everything for you.

6. So you click on the link in the email.

7. Before you know it; you’re watching a 2 HOUR long re-run webinar recording video.

8. It has lot’s of FANCY new traffic strategies, tips, list building methods that you’ve never heard of.

9. They show you their earnings.

10. You feel sad because you’re still wondering where your first sale online is going to come from or you’re not seeing anywhere near the income levels they’re able to produce on demand.

11. They try and sell you their latest product at the end of the video for $997.

12. There’s a 3 “Installment” payment plan too that gets you thinking about investing in the program.

13. In the meantime you’re email account keeps catching your eye with more updates.

14. Your Skype account keeps on alerting you every 5 minutes, so you’re checking who’s messaging you to see if it’s anything important.

15. And to cap things off; you’re Facebook account keeps updating you that someone has “Liked” one of your posts that you created recently.

16. Before you know it; another HOUR has passed by after you’ve watched, liked and commented on all your friends posts and updates.

Does this sound familiar?

This is a “CLASSIC” example of someone who is in “REACTIVE” mode.


You think that you’re working on your business because you are at least doing something online.


I call this: “BEING BUSY AND BROKE”.

Being busy or PRODUCTIVE are 2 completely different things.

If you’re not getting PAID long after you’ve created or done something online; then that time you spent on doing whatever it is you did; is probably not worth doing ever again!

Being busy and broke or staying in “REACTIVE” mode is part of our DNA as human beings.

This “Reactive” part of our brains was very useful to us many thousands of years ago and it allowed us to survive on this planet when things were a lot tougher in terms of finding food, staying alive and avoiding danger etc.

Fast forwarding to today’s modern way of living; this “Reactive” tool inside our brain is still useful but it can also actually STOP US from producing the goods in our online business due to the fact that most of us aren’t getting the important tasks done on a day to day basis.

So now that you know WHY you’re wasting endless HOURS online and getting nothing DONE; what is the SOLUTION to finally put an end to this problem?

Here’s what I do when I know that I MUST work on something HARD and that will get me MEGA results for many years to come in my online business:

1. I LOCK my office door and leave a message telling everyone “NOT TO DISTURB” me no matter what.

2. Even the “WIFI” is switched off.

3. This way I know that I cannot see my Email, Skype, Facebook, YouTube or Autoresponder accounts and the only way I could do this is if I was to physically stand up and leave the room that I was working in.

4. So even if I become tempted to do so; I’ll know about it and be able to STOP the urge right away!

5. Plus no one from the outside can distract me now.

6. Next I grab my “Stop Watch” timer.


7. This can be your Mobile Phone app and most latest phones has one built inside them.

8. I purposely set the timer to ONE HOUR.

9. This will now count down until it gets to ZERO!

10. I have my list of MOST IMPORTANT TASKS right in front of me written down.

11. For that ONE HOUR I work on 1 single task alone.

This may sound easy enough but I can tell you that the “REACTIVE” habit in us human beings is a very tough nut to crack indeed.

Try it; I bet you that you’ll at least get a little voice in your head saying “Oh, I’ll just check my email to see if MR X has emailed me about Y”.

12. Once your mobile phone timer let’s you know that the hour is up; YOU STOP working!

13. It’s now time to take a break.

14. Now as humans we are over achievers so you may get tempted to skip the break but DON’T do this.

15. Take a 10 minute break and have some water; it will give you the energy and alertness to work on your next tasks; plus you’ve taken a walk around so that always helps to keep you alert and feel alive inside too.

16. Next after you’ve taken your break you come back; set your timer to 1 HOUR again and go to work on your next important TASK until that hour is up.

17. Repeat these steps 4 times per day in your every day business plan!

18. Just imagine what you could achieve if you did this for 1 day, week, month and even a YEAR.

19. Plus you’ve only worked for 4 hours SOLID; but you’ve gotten WAY MORE done than when you were when working for 8 hours per day but getting not all that much achieved in your business.

Now obviously I’m not going to leave you hanging here.

You’re probably now asking me: “Well what is it EXACTLY that I’m supposed to be working on in my business every single day”?

Good Question!

Now for me to just assume that everyone reading this post is in the EXACT same business as me would be very NAIVE of me indeed; but what I would say is that every time you sit down to work on something ask yourself this question:

“Is this task what I’m doing right now going to PAY ME for a LONG DURATION of time, or is this task only going to pay off for me on a one off term basis”?

Allow me to show you a quick example:


I offer a wide range of I.M./M.M.O. training products including ONE TO ONE PERSONAL COACHING.

These products and coaching trainings earn me “PASSIVE INCOMES” which means I GET PAID even whilst I’m out with my family, out running or anything else that takes my fancy.

They also build my BUYERS lists.

Which means that people are joining my email lists as “PROVEN BUYERS” every single day; day in and day out too.

I have an army of affiliates that promote my products for me too and this means that I’m getting FRESH leads and traffic into my business for FREE.

So what this has done is make sure that I reap the rewards for any past efforts that I’ve made LONG AFTER I first put them into ACTION.

Is this beginning to make sense?

It’s all bringing me business on complete autopilot!

This is one part of my business that allows me to “LEVERAGE” my past efforts.

This is the kind of WORK that I LOVE to do because it has LONGEVITY.

Here are some more examples of this below:

1. Creating a sales webinar.

2. Interviewing other marketers to create content you can use to give away or make sales from.

3. Creating training videos and uploading them to YouTube.

4. Building your lists.

5. FORCING yourself to write that first sales letter for your product.

All ONE TIME jobs that keep on giving you results if you choose to do them right of course.

Like I said I still get paid every single day for products that I’ve created years ago.

I WORKED LIKE CRAZY to get these products off the ground at the beginning.

I would work for 8 – 12 hours a day just to get ahead of schedule so that I could gain that initial momentum to ROCKET my business to new heights.

Were they perfect at the beginning?


But I soon learned that getting things done produces 1000 times the results than getting nothing done at all!


So to recap here’s a reminder of what you need to do:

1. Go somewhere you cannot be disturbed.

2. Set your timer for ONE HOUR.

3. Work on “LEVERAGE” tasks for that 1 hour.

4. One task at a time.

5. For at least 4 hours per day in your business.

6. TURN off Facebook, Skype, Email, YouTube and so on whilst you work on your tasks.

I can almost GUARANTEE that you will get the ITCH to go back into “Checking Facebook” mode in your 1 HOUR OF POWER mode but remember that you can do this after you’ve completed your 1 hour time slot.


Now just imagine if you could do this just 1 time per day; your overall productivity and your business results will begin to EXPLODE in just one years time!

To your success,

Gavin Birchall