Website Optimization Mistakes To Avoid

A website is in undeniably integral part of an online business. It’s a virtual shop for Internet marketers or online entrepreneurs alike to draw in customers and conduct business with them. A website can tell people a lot about your business, brand and even you.


As important as a website is for an online business, many Internet marketers still underestimate and downplay the potential and importance of their websites, and most of the design process is based more on guess work and pure assumptions.


They “think” they know how to get the customers, they think they know how their customers think, they think they know what their customers want, and finally they think they know what to expect.


But do they really know what is in an assumption?


When you assume something, you have a chance of getting it right, and on the other hand, you have an exactly equal chance of getting it wrong as well. When you don’t build and optimize your website based on a solid foundation of facts that work, then it cannot grow as big and as successful as it could have potentially been.


Here are the common assumptions that many online business owners make:



1. Visitors WILL Find Your Website


The saying that goes “Build it and they will come” certainly sounds great, and in a way it is true if you have great content on your website and provided if your website is already well-known.


But, if you have a brand new website on your hands, great content alone is not enough to pull in the traffic that every online business is seeking. If Google doesn’t know about your website yet, chances are that people are also not going to be able to discover you yet as well.


In this case, you have to roll up your sleeves and get the ball rolling by doing some back-linking. But remember to put your links on relevant sites, forums, and on the appropriate social media pages. Without you putting the word out there about your website, then it’s going to take a very long time before it can really take off and start pulling in traffic.


If you don’t get the ball rolling and start back-linking and putting your links on relevant sites or appropriate social media pages then it’s going to take very long time for it to take off.



2. Visitors Know What You Sell Or The Service Your Provide


Too many times a homepage of a business website doesn’t really provide even the slightest idea of what they are or what the business is all about. Maybe they do not convey the message clear enough or maybe they simply add so much fluff it becomes a convoluted mess therefore making their visitors more confused than they ever were about the business.


This is simply the opposite of what the website should be doing. The website should be a mean or a medium for an online business to communicate to the visitors or potential prospects. You have to state what your business is all about, who it caters to and how you can help by providing a service or product to fulfill that need. Be direct to the point.


You need to be clear and concise from the start. Only then when you are interesting enough and they are hooked, will they start to decide to know more about you and take a look around the website.

Make it short and simple on your home page. It’s all about the basics about your business. You don’t have to go into detail. If they would like to know more, they can simply click on the corresponding page.


If you don’t make it clear from the start then many people will simply leave your site without staying for very long. This will result in a very high bounce rate for your website, and this certainly isn’t good from a ranking perspective as it can affect it in a negative way.



3. Everything Will Be Smooth-Sailing


Once your website is up and ready and raring to go, just how confident are you that it will not break down halfway?


The point is that unforeseen circumstances can happen during the operation of a website. Have you tried viewing your website using other browsers? Viewing it on different resolutions or Etc…etc? Just because it may have worked on your computer doesn’t mean that it works just as well on others.


Point is, there are many things that could go wrong on a website such as broken links, missing web pages, or what happens when it captures invalid data in your opt-in form. Since you expect a lot of people to arrive on your website and of course you want to maintain a professional image for your business, you must ensure that you get rid of all the errors or bugs on your website.


You can either test it out yourself or also recruit some other people to help do a test run on your site to ensure it is indeed a smooth sailing experience.



4. Visitors Will Know What To DO


Everyone thinks and acts differently. The same goes for the visitors on your site. Not every visitor will click on the same link, read the same content or decide to take up on the offers on your site. So if there is a goal that you would like your visitors to achieve on your site, use a “Call-To-Action”. It points out to the customer what you would like him or her to do.


This is especially true for your website’s landing page. A call-to-action is necessary here to direct your visitors to fulfill the main purpose of the landing page, which in most cases is to enter their details in the form or to subscribe to your newsletter.


5. Visitors Know Where They Are



You understand the ins and outs of your website because either you build it yourself from the ground up or you hire a professional to do it for you under your direction. Either way, you will always know your website better than your first-time visitors do.


New visitors coming over to your website is very much like people entering a new building. They don’t know where everything is and chances are they can get lost when venturing into a new and big building. And when people start to get lost, all they want is just to get out. And when people start to get confused navigating your website, the easiest thing to do is just to close the browser window.


And you don’t want that to happen because every visitor that goes away is a potential customer lost.


This is when labels or signs are important. By having “breadcrumb” navigation they can tell visitors where they are exactly on the website, and they can easily backtrack if they want to. It’s much like having a “You Are Here” sign.


6. People Will Provide You With Information


Nobody wants to go through the extra effort to provide you with information if they find that it’s not worth their time and effort. However, if you do provide an incentive such a free download in exchange for their information, that’s that is a different story. Giving away something for free is always a good motivation for your visitors to provide you with the information that you seek, such as an e-mail or survey.


The free giveaway doesn’t necessarily have to be something really expensive for it to be valuable. Just something that can relate to your target audience and something that can be genuinely useful and helpful is enough for them to deem it valuable.


However, remember do not bombard your visitors with lengthy forms or questions. Only ask a few questions at a time and ask in such a manner that they are only required to provide short responses. Better yet, questions with a simple “yes” and “no” answer is always a great idea.



7. People Will Return


Even if people had a great experience visiting your site the first time round it is not guaranteed that they will certainly come back again. This is certainly true if you do not provide a reason for them to come back in the first place.


That is why it is important to capture their e-mail whenever possible or have them subscribe to your RSS feed, so that you can still engage in the future. Furthermore, providing new and interesting content on your site regularly is also a good reason for them to keep coming back and to keep on attracting new potential prospects as well.




Successful Internet marketers do not simply assume when it comes to their online businesses. Their decisions and actions are usually based on solid facts and this is one point that separates them from the lesser successful ones. If there is a way to obtain solid facts and figures on a certain aspect of your online business, it is certainly in your best interest to do so. This is because by doing so you will save time, effort and hard earned money in the long run.