Website Monetization Models – How To Really Make Money From Your Website

There are many ways to earn an income form your online website. This includes both legitimate and also illegitimate businesses. But of course if you plan to own a long-term online business, then you better stick to legal ways to earn money.


Owning a blog or a website is nothing new nowadays. But what many people don’t realize is that they are sitting on a supplemental income source which can be quite profitable. Of course, this hugely depends on how they can play their cards right.


If you have a site of your own and the idea of earning a supplemental income by turning it into a money-making machine then here are some ways to do so.




If your website is already receiving thousands of visitors daily then it is time to approach companies or individuals who would very much like to have their banner ad displayed on your site. Sometimes, there are companies or individuals who would approach you first regarding placing their banner on your website.


Regardless of who approached who first, it is best if the banner is somewhat related to your blog’s theme or niche. That way, it can better serve your target audience. Because a banner ad highlighting a new brand of golf clubs on the market on a blog about gardening can be a little…out-of-place.


You can easily earn up to a few hundred dollars per month from just a single banner alone. And that alone can cover most of your web hosting costs, if not more. Imagine multiplying that amount by 5 or even 6 and that is a very nice supplemental income number, even if I do say so myself.


But if your website or blog is relatively new, and you only have a handful of visitors, then you can do what many bloggers do. Enroll in the Google AdSense program and place their banner instead on your site.


The best thing about AdSense is that it doesn’t matter how many hits your website is getting per month.


You can still put up banners of advertisers. But the trade off is that you will not earn as much from these kinds of banners. But the good news is that the banners are usually contextual which is always good.


But of course, try not to go overboard with the banner advertising because your website could easily end up looking up like a bulletin board where ads are plastered in every empty space available on your site.


This can easily deter your regular visitors, and the last thing you want to do is to lose them and any future visitors as well.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is another well-known and well-utilized method in using your website to earn some extra cash. In affiliate marketing, you are basically just the promoter.


All you have to do is promote a product and send or “refer” the potential buyer to the product owner’s website. When it leads to a sale, you get a commission. You can earn commissions as high as 50%. And you don’t even have to come up with the creation, marketing, transaction and delivering of the product.


The key here is to find the right product for your target audience and to present the product in a suitable manner. You don’t want to sound too like a pushy salesman and at the same time you have to highlight how the product can help your target audience.


Offering expertise


Are you an expert in a certain field or industry? Do you know the ins and outs of your niche? Do you have the answer to a common problem in your niche?


If you do, then you might have something that many people are looking for (and are more than willing to pay for it). As a knowledgeable individual in a certain niche or industry, you can start creating your very own digital information product.


People usually have more money than they have time. Therefore, they are willing to pay for certain information if all the information they need can be found in a single and convenient place.


Digital Information products can come in any form or mediums. It can be in the form of an e-book, audio files, or even videos. By identifying the needs of your target audience, you can come up with a digital information product that they find valuable and helpful, in the form that they want and at a price they are willing to pay.


Alternatively, you can even offer it as a free download for generating leads….which brings us to the next topic…


Generating Leads


Sometimes, you don’t even need to advertise anything on your website to earn money.

This is where lead generation comes into play.


Lead generation actually involves collecting your target audience contact details, such as their e-mail so that you and build a list.


A list is a prized possession for any Internet marketer because it is through this list that you market to them by sending out your offers. So your website here is actually the lead capturing tool.


You can encourage your page visitors to fill in their contact name and e-mail by offering them a free download such as… a digital information product!


A valuable free download for a name and e-mail certainly sounds like more than a fair deal doesn’t it?




Nothing spells recurring income better than memberships.


You can turn your website into an online exclusive members-only website where they have to fork out a monthly payment to be granted access to its contents or service.


But be prepared though because by running a membership site, it’s even more important than ever to meet your customer’s demands and expectation and on a regular basis


You have to come up with something unique that no other sites out there are currently offering and the only place that they can enjoy the product or service is inside your members-only section.


It’s best if you have a team that’s ready to work with you to help provide a smooth-sailing problem-free membership site for your customers.


Fortunately, turning your blog or website into a membership site has a gotten a whole lot easier thanks to powerful plug-ins created for this purpose.


These are just a few business models which you can adopt for your website or blog. Depending on the theme, purpose and configuration of your site, it is more than possible to run more than just a single business model on your website at the same time, thus opening up many more streams of income.

It’s time to think like an entrepreneur and get creative.