[Warning] Your sales funnel is broken…

no-affiliate-shot-250Hi Guys,

If you’ve built sales funnels in the past you’ll
know that it can take a lot of time to build one.

There’s research, creating your product,
creating sales copy, squeeze pages etc.

Then you have to test & tweak the sales funnel
until you have the perfect all converting vehicle
that sends YOU regular automated payments…

…All on autopilot.

It feels great once you know that you’re in a
position that allows you to simply send traffic
to an offer and know you’ll instantly start seeing
payments hit your bank account.

Traffic ==>> Great Offer ==>> Conversions $$$$$

But of course getting to this stage can take a
lot of time, investment and a lot of swearing as
you drag your funnel into the world…

…Kicking & Screaming!

Of course many of you may not want to go to
all that trouble and just want to invest in a more
ready made/done for you funnel.

One that YOU could drive traffic to today!

And start making sales TODAY.

Well the dynamic trio Jonathan Teng, Sharon
Lai & Venkata Ramana have done all this for

They’ve done all the research, created the product,
high converting sales copy & more. All you need to
do is upload, send traffic and make money!

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You get all this to look forward to…

1. INSTANT Credibility in your niche

2. An automated income stream

3. Multiple income streams

4. Evergreen content

5. Builds your BUYERS list for you

Allows you to attract affiliates and make more sales
without having to lift a finger.

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If you were to go out there yourself & get all this
outsourced you could be looking at…

…$2,000 for the research & product creation

And then you would have to pay to hire copy
writers for your sales copy and pay for a designer

And that’s before you’ve even had a chance to
send any traffic to your offer.

So if you’re looking for a no fuss, faster way to
making your first sales online and build a BUYERS
list at the same time then…

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Enjoy the rest of your day

Gavin Birchall