Video Marketing Tips And Tricks – Make Your Videos Increase Sales & Engagement Using This…

watch-thisOkay… “Video marketing tips and tricks”.

Doesn’t sound like one of my usual posts does it?

And I know it sounds a bit boring and not the usual topic of discussion but I’ve got to admit that it definitely has it’s place in Internet Marketing.

Whether it be using videos on your squeeze pages, sales pages, download pages, blog posts and so and so forth.

The list could go on and on here…


Before you fall asleep with this one just stick with me here because…

…I’ve used this following video marketing trick on many of my videos and it works like a treat and increases sales and engagement because I am a statistics nutcase as some of you may already know.

Now I’m not going to go into how to produce your videos and all that basic stuff here because you could easily go over to YouTube and find a tutorial that points you to FREE video screen capture software that allows you to record high quality videos for free.

That’s the EASY part.

So whether you want to use videos to build a profitable email list, build traffic to your blog, increase your opt in rates on your squeeze pages or just want to use them as part as your whole marketing strategy; by the end of this post you’ll be able to add this simple little twist to your videos and increase your sales and engagement.

So what are we going to do?

Well what I’ve found with my video screen capture software (Camtasia Studio 7) is that sometimes the quality and functionality may not be what you’re looking for.

I find that saving the videos in (flv) format gives me an all round better quality than saving them in (mp4) format.

Others may disagree but it’s just from my experiences alone.

But with this trick I’m going to show you it doesn’t really matter what format you save them in because what I do is upload them YouTube.

With (flv) format YouTube gives you an H.D. professional finished output which increases quality and gives your videos that professional look.

That is important of course but that’s only part of the trick here…

…You see once you have added your videos to YouTube and uploaded them, you will want to add some simple codes to them that allow you to make them auto play when your web page loads in a users browser, you can make the added YouTube features on your videos dis-appear and much more.

Removing as many distractions from your videos allows you to engage your potential customers and increase sales.

So without any further ado; let’s look at how you can set this up in 5 minutes flat with your videos and increase sales and engagement overnight.

Step 1:

Head on over to YouTube and upload your video:


Next you have the option whether you want to make your video listed as “Public”, “Unlisted”, “Private” or “Scheduled”. I usually list any videos that are about to be placed on my squeeze pages, sales pages, up-sell pages as “Unlisted” but if you are using your videos to post to your blog; then you are fine to use the “Public” option as you may want to gain traffic from YouTube that points to your blog.


Step 2:

Once your video has been uploaded you now need to grab the embed code from YouTube and paste it into a notepad for safe keeping.


Now hit the “Share” button below found below your video once you’ve selected your chosen video:


Now select the “Embed” option as shown below:


Now you have the “Embed” code that you need to paste into a notepad for safe keeping:


Step 3:

Now all you need to do is replace the code that YouTube has given you and replace with this one:

<iframe allowfullscreen=”0″
frameborder=”0″ height=”317″ width=”544″></iframe>

All you need to do now is paste your own video code over where it says “YourCodeHere” within the I-Frame code I’ve given to you above.

You’ll find it immediately after the /embed/ part of the I-Frame code and it is 11 digits long.

Step 4:

Next you need to paste this code onto whatever page you wish to upload your video to.

Squeeze Page

Sales Page

Your Blog

Up-sell pages

Thank you pages and so on…

Step 5:

Once you’ve uploaded your video you now need to test it to make sure it runs on “Auto-Play” and doesn’t have any of the distractions that YouTube videos tend to carry with them.

To be honest if you are uploading your videos onto your blog; it doesn’t really matter about getting rid of these annoying extras.

But if you want to use the auto play feature on your squeeze pages, sales pages and up-sell pages then you definitely will want use this bit of code to increase engagement and sales for your business.

Here’s the final result you should be seeing from your videos:

As you can see it goes straight through to the action as soon as someone hits your pages.

(Just refresh this post and scroll down to this video if you didn’t see it “Auto-Play” the first time)

It doesn’t have all the added extras also. Nice and clean video that gets straight to the point.

This allows you to make more sales from your sales funnels and increase longevity that allows you to get your message across to the viewers.

Okay, that’s all for today folks!

It’s the little things sometimes that can make all the difference to your business over the coming weeks, months or even years to come.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

And as always if you would like to leave your comments below, recommendations and useful additions then feel free to post them below this latest update.