Using Video Marketing to Massively Increase Your Site Traffic

Video marketing has definitely risen to become one of the top traffic generation strategies used by many marketers today. Using video combined with text based marketing, ensures that you are using every possible way of generating as much traffic to your target websites. YouTube alone has developed a platform for today’s marketers to reach out and grab a potential customer with visual interaction that can develop into customer relationships that stand the test of time.

We are now going to look at 5 important steps you can copy to drive massive amounts of visitors to your websites, opt-in page, affiliate offers etc:

Step 1: Write Your Articles First

Now I know this sounds a bit confusing, but just stick with me here. The reason I am stating this, is because I want you to be able to create a double effective traffic generation strategy. Once you create some momentum by creating video combined with writing articles, you will soon see how powerful it can be. You can find plenty of inspiration for what it is you need to write about out there on the web, so start searching for relevant articles within your niche today.

Step 2: Keyword Research

A general rule of thumb is to look for relevant “keywords” within both your article and video. So, let’s say you are producing an article and video around the subject of “weight loss”. You would go to Google keyword tool and search for phrases that match the content you are creating. When people type these phrases into Google, you want them to find this particular article and video on the first page of Google. So think about what kind of words you would type into the search engines if you wanted to find a solution to certain problem. Next, look for keywords within the keyword tool that receive at least 500 searches a month in “phrase” match and only have 50,000 competing pages in “quotes”.

Step 3: Create Your Video Using Free or Paid Screen Capture Software

You can demonstrate what information you wish to share by using screen capture software. What this enables you to do is record yourself online from your own computer, so others can see your screen recording and learn from what you have demonstrated. To get you started, you can use free screen recording software like Jing or Camstudio. These are both very easy to use but are limited to their recording times and quality of recordings. Camtasia is by far the best you can buy and this also allows you to record longer videos, high quality visual recordings and editing effects built in, so you can make your videos look professional.

Step 4: Optimising & Submitting Your Video

Now that you have a list of keywords from step 2, you can use these to title your videos, use some of the pre-written article within your description and tag them by using several of your keywords. Now, you can distribute these videos to all the major video sharing sites. YouTube is an obvious choice and to save you lots of time, you can submit them to many sites at the same time by using a free site named Tube Mogul.

Step 5: Ranking High On YouTube For Higher Traffic Volumes

A neat little trick is to find related videos that are already receiving massive amounts of views on YouTube. Make sure to check that these videos are still receiving this high level of traffic and those numbers are not from previous months gone by. Once you have done your research, aim to leave comments on these videos and leave a link pointing back to your videos to filter relevant traffic back to your videos.