Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool – How to Explode your Online Reach Today

Using Twitter as a marketing tool has to be one of the simplest yet more effective ways of creating an online presence today. Twitter’s ability to allow almost any online business to market their service or product, is one of the main reasons why so many marketers are using it today. Once you create an army of followers, you have the ability to effortlessly communicate with them, allowing you to build relationships, trust and more importantly; build your business. Once you know people are interested in what it is you have say, you can promote many related products to your followers again and again.

Registering for an account is free and easy to do. Make sure you use your own name or company name when you register as this will show up whenever you post messages. This helps not only with your branding, but allows visitors to easily search for you online if they want to find out more about your business. Also, you can place a social network bar onto your website pages so when people visit your site, they can tweet about your content or services etc and also look at your Twitter account.

Another great tool is to use plug-ins on your site that allows you to showcase your archived tweets. This builds brand awareness and your visitors can keep in touch with all the latest news and products you have available. Another good idea is to have an offer of some kind on your main page. This will entice people to follow you and at the same time, you can capture their names and email addresses when they click on the link that is placed under the text of the offer.

Aim to follow people that already have many thousands of pre-qualified potential customers. What this does is allows you to search for ultra-related niches that you can tap into and begin offering your services or products to. So use the search function within Twitter and aim to look for sectors that are directly related to your niche. You can use software to allow you to semi-automate the process of following and filtering out the ones that do not follow you back. This can be quite a costly investment and maybe something you want to consider once you have made some steady profits along the way.

It is also a good idea to use pre-written content on your website to use as quality information on your tweets. You do not want to be sitting at your computer all day long trying to come up with things to tweet about. So use what you already have at your disposal, or hire a writer to create useful content for you at E-lance or O-desk for example. This allows you to become an authority figure within your niche and will place you to look like an expert on whatever it is you are trying to produce.

Quality information is vitally important with any online business, so aim to build an archive of quality information and use it as part of your daily tweets strategy. You will soon find that many of your followers will start tweeting for you once they find your information to be of great use to them. They will love you for sharing this information with them and will love you back by spreading the word for you.