Using Affiliate Programs With High Paying Recurring Commissions

Affiliate marketing can be a great way for any newcomer online marketer to learn while they learn. It can shortcut your way to making a full-time living off high paying recurring commission affiliate programs.

Earning a living by selling low-priced products can be hard and means you have to keep finding consistent traffic in order to keep that living alive. However there are many recurring commission programmes out there that allow you to direct the potential customer to that offer and once they join you get paid every month for as long as that customer stays as a member of that particular program.

Here are some simple tips for seeking out a higher paying recurring commission affiliate programs:

Finding Recurring Commissions – There are now lots of site’s that provide services and come with a membership program that charge their members every month for as long as they stay within that program. Some of these are charging up to $90 per month and in most cases you can get paid at least 50% of this fee every month. Some membership sites charge a lot less which increases your chances of seeing higher conversions and longer membership terms. There are also PLR and MRR membership sites, article marketing services, SEO and other traffic programs you can promote also that charge recurring billing on a monthly basis.

Finding Hidden Gems At Forums – Finding high traffic forums within your niche is a great way to find hidden gems that pay high commissions on a monthly basis. Some of these programs will be openly advertised but some may be hidden. These hidden gems can easily be found by finding other successful marketers who are seeing great success has affiliates. You can easily sign up to their e-mail lists if they own one; and look to see which programs they are having success with.

Good Old Google – Using Google as a way of finding high paying commission programmes is a simple way to finding some high-quality programmes that are converting extremely well. Some of these products owners are desperate for affiliate’s to promote their programs so the only way they know how to advertise their programs is to place them in front of the search engines which makes things a lot easier for us as affiliate marketers.

Remember that most products owners may not know how to present their products and this is not mean that this product isn’t any good. You can uncover some fantastic products to promote as an affiliate songs you are prepared to do some digging around to uncover some golden nuggets.