Use These Viral Marketing Tips to Create a Stampede of Visitors to your Website

Viral marketing often occurs as an un-expected event due to the sheer volume of a particular promotion of some kind. Thanks to the Internet we all now have a chance of taking advantage of this kind of Internet based phenomenon. All you need to spend when creating a viral campaign is; time and some creative thinking. You can create some controversy also as this can spread like “wildfire” when produced on the correct stage.

It is safe to say that finding the correct balance between volume and controversy is vital to your campaign. Making it easy for visitors to view, comment and share what you have to say is paramount for it to go viral. You already have the platforms on the web for you to create content in form of a video, articles or press release for example. You can use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Digg, Blogger and social bookmarking sites but to name a few.

With these sites, it is easy for others to get involved and view their opinions on what it is you have said. Also, you want to leave the debate with some degree of mystery surrounding it. This allows the visitors to speculate as to what the missing piece of the puzzle could be and before you know it, you will have created something very viral. People like to think they are correct or can help by in-putting their own views and opinions on things so try to aim at tapping into this emotion.

Once you have created your product, try to add some spice to it when creating your viral campaign. If you are writing articles, always add a block of text that forces the visitor to want to read more by stirring up the inquisitive emotions of a human being. If you are adding this promotional content your site, make sure you add a “share bar” to your site, so that people can easily distribute your content on the web via social marking.

These strategies combined with high volumes of content, can see your marketing efforts quadruple and create a very successful and profitable campaign. Get your creative juices going now and just create one idea and take it from there. Once you get started, you will find that after several minutes, you will have dozens of ideas to play with.