Use These List Building Tips and Beat your Current Salary into Submission

Want to know the secret list building tips that can allow you to easily over take your current salary? You have to start by building a list of subscribers who are eagerly waiting for more information from you. Even if you have the best sales page on the planet, you will produce ten times greater results by connecting with your audience first. Once you have a person’s name and email address, you can keep in contact with them by using follow up messages. Compare this to a sales page where someone comes in, hopefully buys something and leaves your site never to return ever again.

Once you understand this process and begin to implement it, you will begin to results that can change your monthly incomes forever. First of all you will want to build a squeeze page. You can easily build one of these using Kompozer or NVU. There are many tutorials on YouTube on how to use these programs and setting up a squeeze page can be done in just hours in most cases. There are also pre-designed high converting templates which can be found on the web. Simply search on Google for free squeeze pages and you will find a ton of them you can download right away.

Do not become too concerned with how perfect your squeeze page should look. You can always test and change things around whenever you feel like doing so. People waste weeks and even months trying to come up with a perfect squeeze. Just focus on getting something up there on the web and start driving traffic to it. Once you have found some momentum, you can then look at tweaking and updating your squeeze pages.

Owning a subscriber list is by far the best way to build an online business and make massive incomes from the back end of your business model. It does take time before seeing any kind of life changing incomes. But by just focusing on offering something for free and that can be of great use at the front end, can mean seeing 5 figure incomes at the back end.

Sign up to some lists yourself by finding some marketers within your niche. You will begin to see how a squeeze page should look. Read through their email sequence and get an idea of how they build up a relationship with their subscribers. When do they promote offers within the email sequence? Do they send you to a website that has related offers and promotions or do they have a newsletter with discreet links placed on them. Remember that success leaves clues and you can learn from the successful marketers just by keeping track of how they market to their audiences.