Unlocking the Affiliate Marketing Sales Code – 5 Key Steps to Explode your Affiliate Incomes

First things first; in order to unlock the affiliate marketing sales code; you have to follow a systematic plan of action to gain some initial momentum. You can have all the strategies and advice you require to make a full time living through affiliate marketing, as long as you master one strategy at a time. Promoting affiliate offers can be done through building a list and promoting relevant offers to that list. You can also use articles, video, SEO, social media campaigns, banner advertising, review sites and so many more. It is no wonder so many people quit before they have even begun as there are many different areas of affiliate marketing you have to understand and implement first.

Hopefully we can unlock the paralyses of analysis within this article for good by giving you these 5 key steps to affiliate wealth mastery:

Key Step #1: Traffic is key to any Online Business Model

Without traffic you won’t be able to see any kind of result to build upon. Once you have found a product you want to promote, you have to start testing out various traffic building techniques. There are literally hundreds of variations you can use and some that work for others may not generally work for you. Be patient with them; test them for at least 2 weeks consistently before moving onto the next traffic strategy. Once you see a steady flow of traffic, you can then decide whether this product is worth continuing promoting or not.

Key Step #2: Build an army of pre-qualified subscribers first

Gone are the days where you can set up a simple ad campaign or rank well in the search engines and then send visitors directly to a sales page. This used to work a few years ago when the Internet was first born and there are still websites out there that try and do this today. They may get lucky and make the odd sale here and there because their sales copy is great or they are selling something that is greatly desired in the first place. Building up trust and an instant relationship is vital to creating true wealth online from your affiliate campaigns. Just by offering something of value for first to your visitors is going to stimulate their desire for what you have to offer at the back end of your sales funnel. Once they trust you, your affiliate sales will begin to hit the roof.

Key Step #3: Use pre-qualified products that are hot first

Depending on which niche you are promoting affiliate products from, you can gauge which products are going to bring you more sales than others. Just visit ClickBank and it will give you all the information you require to see what is hot and what is not. There are some products out which marketers call “Evergreen Products”. These could be something like; “how to build a shed” or “how to get free groceries”. The first example is a product that will probably sell better in the summer time and the second example could be a potential winner as people are always looking for ways to save money.

Another great tip is to look at what the big marketers are promoting. You can be sure that if they are spending time and effort promoting a particular product, it is probably well worth you promoting that same product.

Key Step #4: Decide on which platform you want to promote from

Are you going to use a review site to promote your affiliate products and direct your visitors to the offer; after offering something of value first? Or do you plan on using video as a marketing platform, where you can allow others to see that you already own the product in question. This gives you an edge in terms of proof and people will always warm to someone who is honest. I suppose it depends on what the product is and what it can give to that particular individual. If it is a costly product, you may well want to build up some trust first before trying to sell them something that is very expensive.

Key Step #5: Turn your traffic into a product testing machine

What you can promote out there online today is almost limitless. Do not get attached to one particular product because you like the look of it. Let your audience decide and once you have a steady flow of targeted traffic you will be able to easily see what is working and what is not. If you have a WordPress blog, you can use a plug-in that allows you to mask your affiliate links and directs visitors via a clean and more personalised link. This is great because you now have links that look good and you can also see form your analytics, which links are getting you sales and ones that are not worth promoting anymore.