Tweeting For An Online Business – Is Twitter Still As Powerful As It Once Was?

Facebook has long overtaken Twitter to be the social media platform of choice. Nevertheless, there are still millions of active Twitter users using Twitter every day. It is still a viable choice for an online business to focus and build their presence there and connect with other Twitter users.


There can be many reasons for using Twitter. It could be for social, vanity, recognition or bragging rights (having the highest number of followers). For some, it’s all about staying connected with the people that matters. And that there is one of the best reasons for an online business to pick up and use Twitter.


To be able to build a social networking of their own and stay connected with them at all times, every time.


But even though there are millions of Twitter users out there, not every single one of them is going to find your online business appealing or even remotely interesting. That is perfectly alright. The existence of an online business is usually to satisfy a certain target group, and hence the word “target” in target group or audience.


An online business does not aim to satisfy the WHOLE group, but just the group that they have in mind. By targeting a certain group an online business can ensure that their business can be more focused and specialized therefore delivering bigger and better results to their respective targeted audience.


Twitter is the perfect platform to find and gather all their target audiences together so they can be reached, engaged and provided value for from a central and to provide them with value from a central repository which is an online business’ very own business Twitter page.


Putting Your Audience First And Foremost


But before we can deliver such highly-specialized and quality services, we must first determine who exactly our target audience is.


By knowing and better understanding your target audience, it can affect your choice of tone and approach when it comes time to engage your target market. You need to produce content which satisfies this target audience and deliver it in such a way that it will be appealing and also interesting.


And Twitter shouldn’t be viewed as something that’s seen as just a great platform to spam affiliate links to your fellow followers.


If you do frequently post links, then do post links to web pages which are genuinely going to be helpful and valuable to your target audience. Of course, it’s better if you produced the content yourself on your web page and then provide a link to it through twitter.


But sometimes other websites also can produce similarly helpful and valuable content which your followers might find interesting as well, such a YouTube video or an image from or even some niche-related content you found on other blogs or websites. Diversity keeps things fresh and interesting.


So avoid blasting your affiliate link in every post. Doing so will instead be a great way to get people to stop following you instead. There are many things which can be posted which do not involve just links.


I have at least a few other helpful and non-promotional contents in between your tweets before doing so. By first providing them with interesting and valuable content, they will certainly be more receptive when you do provide a promotional link.


Business Branding And Building


Twitter is a great platform to update your followers on the latest happenings and trends related to your industry or niche. Or better yet, if there are updates that are related to your business. Your followers will definitely love to be updated with news which concerns them in one way or another. More so if it is beneficial to them such as an announcement for a new service, product or discount offers.


When your business has a special sale or discount going on for a limited time only, then Twitter is a great way for your followers to take advantage of the great offers. These time-sensitive offers are usually great call-to-actions and in most cases your followers will not want to miss out and will indeed take up the offers.


It is also a great way to announce new products or services that you have released. Or, you can generate hype and anticipation by letting them know of a yet-to-be released new product or service and they can have it at an introductory price if they decide to pre-order or pre-purchase it now. People love a good bargain and by letting your followers have it is a great way to keep them.


Your content is certainly going to receive some feedback from your fellow followers. It’s important that you monitor your Twitter account for responses directed to you, your business or content and reply accordingly in a professional and friendly fashion, be it a positive or negative one.


Even if it is a negative one, by not avoiding it, and simply tackling it head on in a professional and appropriate way, you can even turn it around into a favorable situation.


Because most times, unhappy people who voice out their concerns just want to be heard and by acknowledging the problems they have with your business and finding a common ground to help this resolve problem is more than enough to turn then around into happy and even loyal follower.

Twitter Tips


Twitter might limit the number of characters to a Tweet to 140 characters, but in most cases you should not try to max out your character limit in every one of your tweets. The main reason is that by allowing some extra characters free, it makes it easy for people who are going to be “re-posting” or “re-tweeting” your awesome content. And when you make an action easy, you indirectly encourage it.


And this is what you are doing here.


By making it easier to “re-tweet” your content, chances are that the more people are going to pick it up and “re-tweet” it themselves to their respective followers thus giving your content additional exposure and publicity.


Frequent updates can be a good thing. But frequent updates for the sake of just appearing to be active are just going to prove annoying to your followers in the long run. Because when you update just for the sake of appearing active, then you are just going to produce sub-par, or content which are terrible, boring, uninteresting and even unrelated which is the total opposite of what you should be producing.


Only tweet something if you indeed have something valuable to tweet about to your fellow readers. You need to tweet just often enough that they will be constantly looking forward to your tweets, but not too often to the point it just becomes overwhelming.


Plus, you should also follow some other interesting figures that are also involved in your industry or niche and engage with them when the opportunity is right such as a discussion or comment.