Try These List Building Tips to Sky-Rocket your Monthly Online Incomes

If you are looking for some sure fire ways to boost your online incomes, using these list building tips will steer you in the right direction. All you need to start off with is a simple one page website. This can be in the form of a squeeze page which allows you to collect names and email addresses of people who are hungry for more relevant information. It is vital you send as much traffic to these squeeze pages as possible and avoid sending them directly to an offer.

This kind of approach used to work many years ago but savvy marketers soon found that building a relationship first ensures massive sales further down the sales funnel. It has become almost impossible to try and sell something to someone online immediately. You stand a far greater chance of making solid monthly commissions by offering good quality free information first.

Of course, if you are promoting a product online that is much sought after, you can look for keywords that have buyer words within them and go straight for the sale that way. But depending on which niche you are in, you definitely would want to consider capturing a visitors name and email address first. This allows you to follow up with a subscriber via email notifications. You can send them useful tips and build up trust by ensuring you provide enough quality in your follow up sequence as possible.

The only chance you have of making a sale immediately after someone has opted into your list is to offer something of outstanding value for a very low fee. This can be something that compliments your free offer. The great thing about list building is that once you know how to get traffic, you can test these methods to see which works best. I am sure you have seen these complimentary offers for yourself and have probably been tempted to buy them.

As long as you test each part of your sales funnel from the beginning with your squeeze page and continue right to the end, you will begin to see how this wonderful business model actually works. Remember, all you need is a simple one page website that offers something of value for free and can collect an individuals name and email address.