Traffic – The Sick, Dirty Untold Truths About Traffic


Traffic – The Sick, Dirty Untold Truths About Traffic

Hi folks!

I need to get something off my chest and YES it’s mightily important.

And………it’ll SAVE YOU a ton of lost money and heartache in your online business ventures.

As you may have already guessed, we’re talking about “TRAFFIC” here today.

I wanna start off by creating 2 different scenarios so that hopefully you’ll walk away from reading this today and all that I’ve told you, about traffic and how to avoid the pitfalls, will SINK into your conscious and sub-conscious mind FOREVER!

Let’s start off by creating 2 fictitious characters who are both online business owners that want to drive some PAID traffic to their websites in the hope that they can gain some leads and make some sales for their business.

Let’s name fictitious character number 1 “Tom”.

And fictitious character number 2 “Jenny”.

Tom is desperate for traffic and is willing to pay anything to get some and FAST.

Jenny also has a budget for traffic but she is more willing to do some digging around first before deciding to invest her hard earned CASH into paid traffic sources.

Tom sees and ad online (let’s say this is a banner ad he sees on a very popular website) that is advertising FAST, CHEAP traffic of up to 5,000 clicks for pennies on the dollar.

Sounds pretty enticing right?

Tom is thinking:

“Yes, finally I can get some FAST traffic to my web page, build an email list from that page and start making some FAST sales”.

Tom also thinks:

“These cheap 5,000 clicks are going to put me and my online business on the map, I’ll soon be able to RE-INVEST any profits made from these clicks back into MORE of these 5,000 click packages and build up a huge database of clients and buyer leads and fast”.

So, he goes ahead and BUYS the biggest package which is 5,000 clicks.

The webpage advertising these clicks promises to deliver all 5,000 clicks to his webpage over the next 2 weeks and that he’ll start receiving those clicks within the next 24 hours.

So 24 hours later he starts seeing those clicks hitting his webpage via the click tracking software tool he’s currently using.

He’s so PUMPED and super EXCITED!

He can picture his business growing into this super list building machine that spits out 4, 5 and even 6 figure incomes.

2 days pass by.

Guess what?


“Okay” tom thinks. “It must be a front end issue with my sales funnel so I’ll go and check it out”.

He goes and checks it all out and everything is fine and dandy on his side.

So he stays calm and decides that maybe these new fresh leads will BUY from him once they get introduced into his business via his emails, his blog posts, his facebook posts and so on, and then maybe the sales will start to roll into his business at the back end of his sales funnel.

So he forgets about the whole thing and goes about focusing on the other aspects of his online business instead whilst those clicks are delivered to his squeeze page.

Anyway fast forward 3 weeks into his business since “Tom” had bought those 5,000 clicks.

He logs into his tracking dashboard to see if he’s received all 5,000 clicks.

YES, in fact he’s received MORE than 5,000 clicks.

In total he received 5,300 clicks to his webpage.

“YES, what a result” Tom thinks to himself.

Now he’s really excited.

So naturally he heads on over to his Paypal account and ponders with pure delight at how many sales and cash payments he’s received from these clicks.


“WHAT, there must be some kind of mistake”? Tom says to himself.

“I have a fantastic offer to give away as a free gift, a well designed and built back end sales funnel and everything I need to at least be able to break even from my original investment into the clicks I bought”.

I now have a quick for “YOU” the reader!

“What do YOU think went wrong with Tom’s 5,000+ click package purchase and why has he NOT made any sales”?

You don’t know. Well continue reading and we’ll get into it.

Another 4 weeks passes by and ‘Tom’ still hasn’t managed to make 1 single sale from his 5,000+ click package.

Not only that, he also notices from his email Auto-Responder that he managed to get a 45% conversion opt in rate.

That means that 45% of those clicks that Tom received were opting into his lists via his squeeze page.

So all in all he now has well over 2,000 names on his email database at least.

But again, still NO SALES.

He goes onto check how many of those 2,000+ fresh leads are actually opening and clicking on his links inside the ready made emails he’s sending out to his new leads.

He’s only getting a DISMAL 2.5% OPEN rate and an even worse 0.84% click through rate.

Tom is basically LOSING MONEY hand over first at this rate.

If he carries on investing into paid traffic at this rate he’ll soon be out of business.

So he sits down, gathers all the data he can and ponders at where it all went wrong.

Tom checks his click tracking software tool and discovers to his horror………

……….That 45% of his clicks were from 3rd world countries.

So no surprise there that these people were not able to spend money when they were offered one of Tom’s paid products or services via the emails he sent out to them.

The other 65% of those clicks were from the US, UK, CAN, AUS and other English speaking countries that have spending power.

So, surely he must be making some kind of return from his investment right.


It turns out that these other 65% of leads were being passed around from pillar to post by DODGY click sellers who were only interested in swapping and selling worn out lists to make some FAST CASH off the back of poor victims like our ‘Tom’ in today’s example.

Basically these lists were EXTREMELY POOR QUALITY.

These lists were getting emails every single day that pointed them to FREE stuff 99% of the time.

So, why in the world’s HELL would they want to buy anything from TOM when they can just wait for another email to come their way and download some more FREEBIES.

Not only that, it turns out that these people aren’t even interested in what ‘TOM’ has to offer them in the first place.

So this whole campaign has been a recipe for complete DISASTER from day one!

Tom learns his lesson and promises to NEVER again fall for ads that promise BIG traffic packages for pennies on the click unless he knows 1000% that it is high quality, targeted traffic.

Now let’s FAST FORWARD another 12 months and look at both ‘Tom’ and ‘Jenny’s’ businesses to see which one has taken off and which has either stayed the same or has gone bust completely.

Jenny got some SOUND advice from day one from someone who had already built a successful online Internet Marketing business.

Her business coach gave her a sound traffic plan that included both “FREE” and “PAID” traffic methods and sources and she was instructed how to go about taking action on both plans in her day to day business.

12 months on she’s now getting a steady flow of high quality leads, she’s constantly testing and tweaking her campaigns and sales are measurable and predictable too.

She re-invests a large percentage of her incomes made from sales she’s made back into her business and also any paid traffic methods that are actually PAYING OFF for her.

Her free traffic plan consists of an article based plan where she shares her strategies, her business journey and anything else in between that may help her lists, her blog visitors etc reach a certain goal.

These articles are re-purposed into videos, blog posts, Facebook posts and paid products too.

Jenny basically bundles up all of her videos, articles and MP3 training recordings and turns them into paid products and sells them to her lists, fans who revisit her blog, referrals and her buyers lists too.

She also buys her traffic very diligently too.

Jenny NEVER buys traffic from anyone she hasn’t done business with in the past.

If she does, Jenny makes sure that she approaches those who sell traffic whether it be from banner ads, solo ads, and anything else in-between and asks them vital questions prior to making a purchase.

She asks questions like:

  1. Where are your clicks mainly coming from
  2. How often do you add fresh leads and buyers into your business
  3. Do you have proven buyers on your lists
  4. What origin of countries are your clicks coming from

And many more if she still feels uncomfortable with what she sees.

Jenny’s business is growing month on month and her buyers list database is growing nicely too.

Her lists are literally now “PAYING FOR THEMSELVES”!

Thanks to her re-investing strategy delivered to her by her coach.

Once you own a list building machine that pays for it’s own traffic, then you know that your business is really going places.

In the meantime our friend ‘Tom’ carried on using paid traffic sources ONLY and didn’t follow a strict growth plan of action.

He was basically learning on the job.

He was using the trial and error process of building an I.M. business from scratch with no plan, no real direction and no help from anyone apart from a few short courses he’d bought here and there online.

Jenny’s business is flying.

Tom eventually ran out of capital so he ended up feeling frustrated with the whole thing and ended up taking a dead end job just so he could afford to pay his bills.

This whole experience implanted a STRONG message in his mind that this I.M. make money online thing doesn’t work.

But I guess you can tell from reading this today that really it was “TOM’S” mindset and lack of direction that didn’t work.

It had nothing to do with the idea that trying to build an online business didn’t work.

So, what is today’s message really all about?

What I’m trying to say in today’s message is that you can’t just go out with a mindset of:

“Oh, I’ll just SPEND my way to success by throwing a load of money at 10,000 click packages per week and everything else will take care itself”.

It doesn’t work that way!

Now I’m not saying paid traffic doesn’t work.

Paid traffic is a fantastic tool for growing an email database of clients and buyers.

But what I’m trying to say is that PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE TOO by sharing your own unique personality through videos, articles, MP3 recordings, PDF reports, video courses, blog posts, facebook posts etc etc………..

………You’re naturally over time, going to build the most responsive, targeted and most AWESOME customer base you could of ever dreamed of before you started your I.M. ventures.

There’s a 20/20/60 rule you may or may not have ever heard of before.

This rule basically states that 20% of people will love you and your message.

20% will HATE you and your message, your business, whatever you’re trying to achieve.

60% will just come along for the ride.

So with that said, is there really any need for you NOT to go out and be yourself, spread your message far and wide and build that damn fine 20% “LOVE you” audience for your business?

People are coming to you and joining your lists, becoming your BEST customers and so on because they want to know and learn from YOU because they like your stuff.

THEY FOUND YOU FIRST through your message!

And again, I’m not putting down paid traffic methods.

They offer fast, reliable targeted traffic for your business but you still have to get your feet wet first and be prepared to make a few mistakes before making paid traffic work for you.

That’s just the nature of the beast.

Okay that’s all for today’s “MESSAGE” and I really hope you do your due diligence before buying any paid traffic for your business and follow the proven guidelines I’ve laid out for you here today.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your day, night, afternoon, evening etc etc.

P.S. if you have any questions regarding today’s topic please contact me anytime by following the contact instructions throughout this blog.

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