Traffic Is Vital For Making Money Online – 5 Free Traffic Avalanche Methods You Need

people trafficYou can own the greatest product on the planet or have an unbeatable service that is unrivaled by most. But without traffic; your online business won’t be able to make sales, be able to grow and ultimately it won’t be able to survive.

These following 5 free but powerful traffic generation strategies are going to show you how to drive copious amounts of traffic to your online business.

Become A Guest Blogger

If you are serious about your online business then you should be building a targeted list of subscribers that you can send e-mails out to at any time. By guest blogging you can create a couple of articles every week that are jam-packed with fantastic information within them. You then submit them to high traffic blogs that are in the same niche as your online business and you can generate massive amounts of traffic back to your squeeze pages.

This is how you grow a targeted list of subscribers and produce massive back-end profits from a systematic online sales funnel.

Blog Comments For Massive Targeted Traffic

Very similar to the first method but this time you are looking to find high traffic blogs that are relevant to your niche but this time you are leaving comments on the blog posts at that particular blog. This method sounds too easy to most people and is often overlooked. You can drive massive amounts of laser targeted traffic towards your online business by just posting 3 to 5 quality comments every single day at high traffic related blogs.

Do this consistently and over a period of time that amount will begin to add up to huge amounts of lovely free traffic heading towards your online business.

Video Traffic Power

Video sharing sites are some of the most visited websites in the world today. It is only right you should be tapping into this never-ending flow of free traffic by creating videos and distributing them all around the web. There are video distribution tools available that allow you to share your videos and spread them as far and wide as possible. Always include your web address on your videos to brand your online business and allow people to take action and visit your website’s.

Good Old Articles

Articles have been a great free traffic generation tool for many years and still continue to produce the goods even today. It all comes down to how you use your articles and just spending a couple of hours a day producing a few high-quality articles can build your free traffic to high volumes over time. When you generate traffic from articles you need to make sure that you direct people to a squeeze page so that they enter your sales funnel. You can then market to them on a consistent basis, build trust, brand your online business and make fantastic back-end profits.

Paid Advertising

I know that this very article was focusing on free traffic generation techniques. But once you begin to create massive amounts of free traffic using the previous 4 methods; you will then want to invest in paid advertising traffic sources. Solo ads are a fantastic way to generate massive amounts of targeted traffic almost instantly. You get to test your online sales funnel as quickly as possible so you can quickly get an idea of what is profitable within your online business.

Any tweaks and changes can be quickly made so you can scale up your online business and focus on producing more traffic from Solo ads and ultimately make as much money from your sales funnel as you wish.