Traffic Building Tips – How YOU Can Easily Drive 100’s More Targeted Visitors To Your Website Everyday!

Traffic building is a vital component for any online business. Whether you are building a list to gain thousands of subscribers or simply promoting affiliate products straight from your blog, you will always need traffic before you see the results you desire. Today we will look at how you can get hundreds of extra visitors to your websites or affiliate offers by using paid advertising as a way to driving fast traffic to your business.

A simple and effective strategy is to find websites that are related to your niche and are seen as high authority websites and receive massive amounts of traffic on a daily and consistent basis. Then you simply approach the website owners and in exchange for a small fee you can advertise on their website posting relative ads.

You can simply start searching for these high traffic websites by visiting Google simply typing in your niche main keyword and doing a simple search. When the results come up you will see the top 10 website results and you can simply visit each website and look to see if they already allow advertising to be conducted on their main pages.

Be aware that this process can take a little bit of time and patience but once you find the website’s that offer this option you can simply approach them with an immediate offer.

Look to find around 10 different websites that you can begin advertising on immediately. You will find that the website owners will want me to pay them on a monthly basis and this allows you to track each result at the end of the month and consider which wants to keep and the ones you want to eliminate. Carefully track each website advertise on so you don’t run the risk of wasting any unnecessary funds.

A bad example is to pay anywhere in between $25-$250 and only see results that produce 1 to 5 clicks per day. Unfortunately this does happen but as long as you follow the example I gave earlier, if you aim to promote in at least 10 different websites I’m sure you will find a website that produces outstanding results. If you can find the site that produces anywhere in between 20 to 50 clicks per day you want to continue advertising with this website.

Once you are in profit you can then aim to find more websites that produce the results as mentioned above.

So let’s say we found 5 to 10 websites that are bringing in 20 to 50 clicks per day, that amounts to a massive amount of subscribers on your list or visitors seeing your affiliate offers on a massive scale.

Once you see that this process is working and you are in profit you can scale it up to how big you want your profits to be.