Top Affiliate Programs – Earn Recurring Incomes By Recommending High Quality Products Online

Recommending high-quality products online that have been proven to convert well is a fantastic way to shortcut the process of making money online. Placing yourself in front of affiliate products that are proven to convert and pay you again and again for referring a single prospect is a great way to squeeze as much income out of one single campaign as you possibly can.

With affiliate programs that offer such incomes; you can then look at the average lifetime customer value you can expect to earn from the affiliate program. If you know that the average customer value can pay you commissions for 5 to 6 months; you now know you only have to refer that person once and get paid again and again for this length of time.

Here are some tips and strategies you can use to find these recurring paying high commission affiliate programs:

Using Clickbank Search Tool

You can uncover some fantastic products that are proven to convert at Clickbank. They can be great for beginners as you can uncover some hidden gems by conducting a few simple searches. Head on over there and have a look around and begin to use the “Average Earnings Per Sale” option that is available there. Many people become confused when using this feature with then as it can display the low-priced front end product. People think that it isn’t worth promoting because of this but you what you need to do is look at any sells about this product may have and also any recurring monthly commission’s that are also available.

You just may find a true gem that you can easily begin to promote if you are patient enough to look at the whole sales funnel that can pay you fantastic incomes every month.

CPA Programs

Cost per action affiliate programs can be an easy way to earn fantastic commissions. With this type of affiliate promotion platform there is no need for you to make a sale as you can make commissions by directing traffic to fill out a simple form to sign up for a free trial with that companies product or service. You will need to prove yourself to these CPA networks before they accept your application. It is a good idea to go for step one first and get some experience with affiliate marketing before applying for these networks.

2 Tier Affiliate Programs

Using multi tier affiliate programs can have a massive impact on the commissions you earn from your original affiliate sales. Not only can you earn commissions from your original sales but you can also earn profits from those original prospects you recommended when they begin to make their own sales. How this works is that when you recommend a prospect to one of these affiliate programs; they then have the chance to become affiliates of that same program themselves and when they make a sale you will also earn a commission from their hard work because you originally referred them.

Going For High Paying Affiliate Programs

This can be a great way to earn fantastic incomes without having to produce high volumes of traffic every month. High paying affiliate programs allow you to refer less prospects because the commissions you can learn from them have very high compared to the average affiliate commission programs. Although they are going to convert a lot less because they are high-priced you only need to seek out the right audience for you to be able to target these hot prospects.

Another great advantage to using higher-priced products within your affiliate marketing sales funnel is that you can begin to use paid advertising sources from the profits you make from these programs. Once you begin to see good conversions from your page traffic; you can then use some of those profits to re-invest into paid traffic sources and really scale things up to make even greater profits from your affiliate marketing campaigns.