The Importance Of Strengthening Your Sales Funnel

A sales funnel involves a systematic way of channeling or “funneling” your potential prospects through a sales process that convert these potential prospects into actual paying customers. For every business out there that has a goal of making money, surely involves their version of a sales funnel.


The question is, just how effective are their sales funnels?


In the simplest of terms, a sales funnel can either make or break your sales process because it has the power to change your prospect’s perception of the service or product in question.


It can influence how your prospects feel about a product or service to the point that they feel they simply can’t live without it. On the other hand a weak sales funnel can result in the prospect simply losing interest halfway and abandoning the entire process without eventually ever reaching the end.


Therefore, since a sales funnel involves a series of processes, it’s imperative that you eliminate any weak links in the process.


And here are some tips to help you do just that:



Generate Interest


The key here is to generate and maintain their interest in you, your product or service the entire time. Without interest, then there is no reason for them to follow you or to listen to what you have to say. By being interesting, they will follow and listen because they WANT to.


Being unique in a good way is also a great way to be interesting. Become unique by offering what your competitors are not or presenting your business in such a way that it makes attractive and memorable. It’s also okay to throw a funny line or a joke here and there from time to time as everyone appreciates good humor at the appropriate time and place of course.


Adopt a tone and approach that are different from competitors in your industry or niche. Give them interesting things and they will definitely stay interested with you. The goal here is to be interesting enough for them to stay with you for the entire sales funnel process and even beyond.


Make Them Feel Special


Remember the feeling when someone actually made you feel very special? Who doesn’t like that feeling of being special? Everyone does. And if you can do the same for your potential prospects, it’s certainly going to perk their attention and interest up.


You cannot treat your potential prospects like a common audience. You need to address them on a more personal level and you also have to make sure that they know it too. A great way to create a good first impression and to instantly make them click with you is to offer them something that they can immediately relate to. Something that they are familiar with.


The best way to do this is to understand them, and when you understand them, you will know their desires, wants and needs, and at the same time you can offer solutions to their problems. People are always on the lookout for solutions to their problems. If you are seen as an answer to their nagging problems, then they will definitely grow more trusting and loyal to you, and your brand.


And thus be more receptive to your sales funnel.


So be sincere and genuine and always send them a message that you are all about serving your customers, and your business is all about working towards their overall betterment and well-being and that your business is medium to help you to help them. Make them feel special and they will be much more appreciative and valuable customers in the long run.


Creating The Need


Your prospects will not purchase anything when they don’t feel like they need it (or want it). The good news is that you can create that need. It’s all in the mind, and if you can list out the subtle benefits such as emotional benefits that your prospects stand the change of gaining and experiencing when purchasing the product or service, it makes them feel like they need it. A feeling that wasn’t there before you pointed out the emotional benefits.


Emotions are a very powerful tool in marketing but your claims of course must be true to their word, and it has to be related and logical to whatever it is that you are marketing or promoting.


Likewise, sometimes they do not feel that they may not need the product or service at the current time. And they will get around to it at a “later time”. So creating a sense of urgency such as limited-time discounts or limited-number of slots or products left will create a sense of urgency that compels them the “need” to take action now to take advantage of the current offer before it is too late.


Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations


Everyone wants to have the best experience when doing business with someone. Be it the best in being treated, product and service delivered as promised, best price or best value.


In short, if you can be the best in every aspect of your business when it comes to dealing with your customers, then you are going to exceed their expectations, and that is going to make a very lasting impression. One that will resonate with customer’s acquaintances who in turn will be potential prospects as well.


You should already be treating them like your valuable customers, even if they haven’t even decided to buy yet. Because sometimes, great customer service is a good enough reason for a potential prospect to be convinced to buy.


Always make it easy for them to contact you. In fact, encourage them to do so. Furthermore, offer them plenty of options that they can use to contact you in addition to the regular phone and e-mail contact. Options include services such as Skype and also IM. Remember to answer any of their questions and queries promptly and professionally.


The selling process begins long before the product is even sold.




Everyone loves free stuff. So what’s the best way to back up your claims of your remarkable product or service by letting your prospects to actually try it out for free!


Action speaks louder than words and when they can get a sample of it, they can experience it themselves. If it meets or even exceeds their expectations or is truly satisfied and happy with the product or service they will definitely pay for it.


If it’s a monthly service, letting them try it out early on, there will be higher chance that they will subscribe to an annual subscription. If it’s a product, there is a high chance that they will order multiple orders of it.


Letting them try out the product or service for also shows that you are confident in your product and service thus putting some of the fears of doubts that many first-time buyers might have to rest.




These are just some of the more powerful ways to help solidify your sales funnel into a prospect converting process. However, there are other equally important areas of your online business to focus on such as traffic generation.


Because without traffic there will be nothing to convert in the first place and on the other hand, without a strong sales funnel, all the traffic will just be wasted if they can’t be converted into actual customers. So learn to recognize all the other important aspects of marketing and constantly work on tweaking and improving them and thus turning your entire online business into one smooth money-making machine.