The Importance Of Advertising For Your Online Business

Thanks to the rise of social media platforms, internet marketers have used it to discover, engage and build relationships with their target audience there. It is because of the large numbers of registered users on these sites that an internet marketer can really find a wide target audience to connect with.


There has never been a better medium and the best thing about these sites is that registering and using these sites yourselves will not cost you a single penny. But most of these sites (and even search engines) do provide you with an option to help get your name, brand, business, product or service out there to its users through their paid advertising services which begs the next question.


If you can do it for free, why use paid advertising to spread the word?


Well if you look at advertising merely as a need to fork out your hard earned cash, then you need to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture of advertising. By investing a certain amount of money in advertising you stand to earn back not only your initial investment, but 2 or 3 times more than what you initially invested.


After hearing that, advertising does suddenly sound like a very good idea now doesn’t it?

Sometimes you need money to make even more money and this certainly applies in advertising.


I’m not saying that you should use advertising instead of free methods, I’m just saying that you can effectively promote and build your online presence if you employed BOTH methods. Paid AND free.

With both driving forces behind your publicity and promotional strategy it can be a very awesome and powerful combination.



Here’s the great thing about incorporating paid advertising in your online business:


Who, What, Where, When, How


With paid advertising, you have total control of who you want to present your advertisement. You will also have total control of WHERE you want to place your advertisement and WHEN you want to display your advertisement. Last but not least, you also have the power in HOW you want to present your advertisement. So the overall design and wording is all in your hands.


Plus, if there is a time-sensitive limited-time only offer for your product or service then paid advertising is a sound choice for you to employ during the duration of your offer. You can immediately set it up right before the offer starts and you can immediately take down your advertisement the minute your offer expires.


You do not have the privilege of such control compared to free methods so if you know who, where and when to hit with your advertisements then it’s going to be a very powerful marketing strategy.




With advertising, you can pinpoint your target market by displaying your advertisement to people who are most likely to respond to it.


This is great because you only advertise to people who are interested and your advertisement will only be annoying to those who are not interested in what you have to offer or sell. Plus, with targeted advertising you will only pull more targeted traffic to your website.


And targeted traffic is the best kind of traffic that any online business can ever hope for. Pulling in targeted traffic will usually translate into a lower website bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.



Getting The Ball Rolling


Advertising can help you give you the initial momentum you need when you want to market a new business, product or even service. Before you can generate any hype or buzz surrounding a product or service you must create awareness.


When you create awareness, more people can discover it and find out what is it all about. People simple wouldn’t know something existed without publicity, and advertising is always a great way to publicize something.




This is a hidden gem to advertising. People often have this unique perspective on advertising. When you adopt a paid advertising strategy in your marketing campaign, people will start viewing you as someone who is very serious in their online business.


People perceive that if you are willing to put in the time, effort and budget for paid advertising then people will see your online business as professional, credible and therefore trusted.


Trust, credibility and reputation are very important when it comes to an online business, and if paid advertising can help convey this, then it can work very well in your favor.




There are many aspects of an online business that you can invest in, and advertising is one of them. You should definitely set aside a budget for advertising provided if you can afford it. But you also have to keep in mind that advertising is a tool for your marketing strategy. You must also know how to use for it to be truly effective, otherwise it would be just like flushing money down the drain. So learn the ropes and make it work for your business.