The Blog And Business Mix – Finding The Right Balance

Blogging and business might seem more like a mismatch than an actual match at some point, but credits to those who have found ways to make it so effective at the point it’s simply undeniable. It’s actually now a match made in heaven.


What makes blogging such a big success for businesses is actually because of customer habits, patterns and behaviors. Customers have always been an avid fan of blogs, and they have familiarized themselves with it.


Therefore, when a business also adopts a blog and incorporates it into their online business, they are providing something familiar to their customer base, thus establishing something that the customers are able to relate and making it easier to establish trust as well.


Users / customers / potential prospects (in most cases) have been smart and savvy aim to always be great consumers.


This is because when there is money involved, every one of them wants to ensure that they are getting the best bang for the buck that they are spending. And knowing that they are spending smartly and are smart buyers makes them feel good about parting with their money that way.


However, smart buyers are not born that way. Smart buyers are great researchers, and the World Wide Web happens to be a great research repository full of information just waiting to offer people what they are looking for.


Smart buyers will usually delve into great and adequate research on their planned purchase (either a service or product) before actually buying it. The research will include reading current user feedback such as other customer reviews and also finding more about the product on sites such as blogs.


Potential prospects / future customers are now turning to blogs to find relevant information. And as an online business owner, having a blog on your site is a great way to provide the relevant information that your target audience is seeking.


If you can provide the answer that your target audience is seeking, so why let them look on it on other websites when you can have it on your very own website right? Statistics and studies have shown that blogs have been successful in generating more leads.


Continuous Value


Everyone loves free stuff. By offering free stuff (such as an e-book) through your blog is the best way to build a following to your blog. When it’s free, many people are going to be more encouraged in downloading it, and thus you are likely going to gain more leads and recurring visitors and customers as people are going to visit the link in your free e-book.


By producing your own free down-loadable e-book, you are establishing yourself as a knowledgeable and credible figure in your industry and niche as it will be reflected in your e-book.


Nevertheless, offering free e-books is just one of many ways that you can use to offer continuous value to your fellow visitors. Continuous value encourages visitors to keep coming back to your blog while always attracting new ones.


Blogs As An Educating Medium (Which Serves A Marketing Purpose)


A well-informed buyer is a better buyer. And better buyers are usually great for business. If your business serves to educate your target audience, you will be building not only blog loyalty, but brand loyalty as well.


Eventually they will see and trust you as an expert in your niche therefore indirectly building trust and loyalty to your business, brand, product or service as well in the process.


So do not see your blog as a perfect platform to push our promotions to your fellow visitors. Use it as a platform to educate them to matters which are related to your business, product or service. Take for example, if you are marketing a product, then your blog is the perfect place to teach them on how to effectively use it.


Keeping Up-To-Date


A blog is also a great venue to post stories about your business. Being more transparent when it comes to business can actually help and add to build trust because it shows that you have nothing to hide. Trust is a hard commodity to come by on the World Wide Web and earning it first from your target audience should be priority as things will definitely get easier from there once successful earned.


Being more transparent about your business also shows that your company is human after all and people (such as your visitors) can definitely relate to that. There is much company-related news that you can release through your blog such as success stories.


What is also great is positive customer feedback that your business has been getting. Of course, the reviews must be real, genuine, unsolicited and legitimate so that you can back it up with proof when required to do so.


It’s alright to insert some fun or funny stuff once in a while on your blog to avoid it sounding all too stiff and lifeless. But at the same time, you have to always maintain some form of professionalism in your tone, approach and also in how you engage your audience regardless if they are your target audience or not.

This is because you do not want to come across as someone who doesn’t take their business seriously enough.


Blogs allow businesses to add a personal touch to their business which audiences can definitely relate to. By being able to relate to, it’ll be easier for audiences to open up and be more receptive. When your blog audiences are more receptive, then it’s going to be extract information to better understand and learn more about them.


The learning process is actually a beneficial mutual process because as the more the online business gets to learn about its target audience, the better they can serve them in the long run thus delivering and providing them with the level of service that is unmatched by competitors in their industry and niche.