The 83% Squeeze Page Rule & Why Most Marketers get this Completely WRONG!


As you begin to progress with your online
marketing efforts you’ll begin to notice one
fatal mistake most list builders make also…

…Yep, you guessed it!

They don’t test their squeeze pages against
another version until they see opt-in rates
way above the 45% level and above at least.


This is something we could only answer if we
hunted them down and asked them ourselves
I suppose.

Just imagine owning that feeling of safely
knowing every time you sent 1000 visitors
to your squeeze page…

…At least 50% (or even more) were going to
be added to your email list so you can market
your own products/affiliate services etc to
them again & again…


How exciting is it to know your numbers
now guys?

That is what probably puts most people off when it
comes to testing and working the numbers until
you find a winner.

Maybe it just reminds them of school too much
or something?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I too found school quite
boring at times too so I can understand it in that

But trust me, knowing your numbers is vital
when it comes to squeeze page conversions…

…Let’s do the maths.

Just imagine that you had 2,000 visitors a
month hitting your squeeze page…

…That means you will be adding a minimum
of 1,000 subscribers to your list every single

If your squeeze page is converting at around
50% of course.

Now let’s assume that you have done your
maths and you know that every one of those
subscribers is worth $1,000 every single month…

…That means for every subscriber you add
to your list is worth at least $1 a month in
income terms.

So over one year at this rate you could be
seeing an extra $12,000 in your back pocket
because you took the time to test a simple little
squeeze page…

…Not bad eh?

Now this is only looking at relatively small
figures of traffic compared to what some
marketers are bringing in.

Once you know your numbers you can
scale up your traffic and grow your
income month on month without doing
anything else to your business.

Simple but massively under rated.

So today’s lesson is:

Make sure you test your squeeze pages
until you are sure you have found an
absolute WINNER!

Then scale up your traffic to increase
your income month on month…

…From your own products, continuity sites,
affiliate promos etc etc etc.

Have A Smashing Day!

Gavin Birchall


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