Why The System Wants To Keep YOU Dumb Busy And BROKE

Why The System Wants To Keep YOU Dumb Busy And BROKE

Hi Guys,

I’m currently reading a FANTASTIC book named “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko.

And the reason I mention this book is because it is literally BRUTALLY HONEST about how the ‘SYSTEM’ or ‘SOCIETY’ is designed to keep YOU and ME included; DUMB, BUSY & BROKE!

It’s true.

Allow me to explain.

Have you ever watched the ‘Movie’ called the “Wolf Of Wall Street” by any chance?

Basically this guy who owns a very DODGY stock broker company SELLS a TON of investments to vulnerable people who don’t have a clue as to what they’re investing in and basically he STEALS all their money from them.

And he also recruits and trains a back office staff to do the same and of course they get paid well for selling dodgy investments too but HE of course gets the LION’S SHARE of the profits.

These sucker’s who invest in his and his companies recommendations are looking for an EASY option to make some money right but it’s clear from the start that they are just being sold on investments that are built on foundations of SAND and that it’s only a matter of time before they realize that they have been 100% RIPPED off by this guy and his army of stock brokers.

Now let’s look at what his “EMPLOYEES” were expected to make in their first years of joining the company.

1st YEAR – $100k per year after receiving a BROKERS license.

2nd YEAR – $250k per year.

3rd YEAR – $500k per year.

Sounds like pretty decent money right for just picking up the phone and selling investments to people who don’t really have a clue as to what they’re buying.

I mean when YOU sound like an EXPERT and you’re trying to sell something to people who are desperate to climb the social ladder by making some EASY CASH; then it’s NO wonder why these dodgy investments were being sold by the truck load each and every day right.

Not only that….

….Because the salaries were so good at the time; meant that people would flock from all over the globe to work for this guy and they would work really HARD too for him and his company because they knew that they were onto a good thing.


But here’s the KICKER….

….There’s one scene where he’s talking to his DAD and his dad asks him why he’s so obsessed and adamant that he should be spending HUGE amounts of money from what he was making from his company on things like ‘FAST CARS’, ‘HUGE LUXURY BOATS’, ‘DRUGS’, ‘PROSTITUTES’ and so on when he could have easily invested that money into things that would help GROW his incomes even greater rather than do the total opposite.

And of course he wasn’t doing all these things alone.

His whole WORK FORCE were spending their money on these time and money SUCKING past times too.


This was his reply:

He said “Dad I need to keep those guys BROKE so that they keep spending MORE than they’re actually earning with me or else otherwise they’ll realize that they DON’T need me anymore”!

And that’s how he did it.

By persuading his TEAM of employees to live the lifestyle that HE WAS living by spending all their money on fancy clothes, cars, boats and things that would wipe out all the cash they had keeping them broke.

Basically they were spending MORE than they were earning which meant that they HAD TO keep working for the company in order to keep making those $100k, $250k, $500k salaries per year.

So if you think about this for a second; the ‘SYSTEM’ or ‘SOCIETY’ we all know and live in is designed EXACTLY the same way.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking.

“HOLD ON I don’t make $500k per year why does this apply to me”?

That isn’t my main point here.

My point is that you need to think about where YOU, your family, your friends WORK right now for a living whether that be a 9 – 5 JOB or whatever right.

I can bet $100 that they’re only PAYING YOU JUST ENOUGH so that you don’t quit your job because you need the money right but on the flip side they’re NOT paying you TOO MUCH either so that you can invest enough SURPLUS income that you make from that company into “MONEY MAKING ASSETS” for you and your family so that eventually you WON’T NEED THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR ANY MORE!

Because those assets you invested into begin to MAKE you enough money so that you don’t need your JOB any longer.

Does that make sense?

I mean think about it.

When was the last time your employers sat you down and told you that YOU DESERVE everything this world has to offer and that you should think about investing any surplus incomes you earn into wealth producing assets so that you can finally live the dream lifestyle YOU fully deserve in the near future and that you won’t need to rely on the salaries that they pay you any longer.

It’s never going to happen is it?

Like I say it’s all about keeping YOU DUMB, BUSY and BROKE!

I mean for example let’s say that your employers suddenly begin to start PAYING YOU and all the workforce MORE than what you’re capable of spending every single week.

Eventually there will come a time when YOU won’t need them any more.

Especially if you’re smart and invest that money like crazy and make it WORK HARD for you and your family.

So that’s why they pay you just enough so that by the time you’ve paid for your rent, food, clothes and any other bills and the things that keep you up with the ‘JONES’ NEXT DOOR’ you’ll be broke and you’ll have to go to work them all over again next week, and the week after that and so on it goes.

And this is the same on any level.

Some people think; “OH if I could just make $300k per year everything will be okay”!


Because what happens then in most cases is that your SOCIAL CIRCLE changes.

You find yourself hanging out with other TOP earners who live in more expensive BIGGER houses, drive more expensive cars, take out higher costing vacations, eat at expensive restaurants and so on.

All these things begin to add up and end up making you BROKE even though you’re earning this $300k per year salary.

You become BROKE but just at a different level.

Which brings me back to the book that I’m currently reading “The Millionaire Next Door“.

There’s one great point that this book talks about where it says that “All successful millionaire’s NEVER spend more than they earn”.

Basically this book goes into and investigates 100’s of these millionaire’s to find out what their secrets are right.

And it also goes onto say that on average each of these millionaire’s have a NET WORTH of just under 10 million dollars.

And that their average REAL LIFE income is at around $775 thousand dollars per year.

And most people look at that and say:

“WOW where can I find a job that pays me that amount”?

But they’re missing the point here.

It isn’t their JOB, salary or their income that’s making them this amount.

It is their NET WORTH of 10 Million Dollars that is making them this yearly amount of $775k per year.

Is this beginning to make sense?

So it doesn’t come down to how much money you make that makes you rich.

Especially of you’re spending MORE than you earn.

REAL wealth comes from having the ability to NOT spend more than you make and to invest those surplus incomes into MORE money making assets.

So if you’re smart you’ll now go on and ONLY SPEND 10% of what you make and invest the other 90% into MONEY MAKING ASSETS.

And eventually those assets will allow you to NOT have to depend on a BOSS or a JOB which in truth NONE OF US really want from out lives anyway do we?

I always laugh now when I hear people call others for not wanting a JOB because that is what the ‘System’ or ‘Society’ wants us to argue over isn’t it.

If you’re not working for a boss 8, 10, 14 hours per day then you’re not accepted into society.

You’re LAZY or even worse you get named “Worthless”.

The government, your boss, even your family want to KEEP YOU BROKE!

The system is set up so that WE CONSUME more making us DUMB, BUSY & BROKE.

If you don’t have the latest car you’re worthless.

If you don’t have the latest and BIGGEST 100 INCH T.V. set with surround sound in your street you’re not socially accepted.

And so on it goes.

Commercials hitting you left right center telling you that YOU NEED their latest product FORCES you to spend MORE than you make.

Again you end up BROKE.

Back to the JOB one more time so that you have to do it all over again so you can prove yourself to society.

Okay that’s the MAIN MESSAGE I really wanted to get out to you all today and I hope you at least begin to look at investing into your on life, online business, assets etc so that eventually YOU get to ditch your BOSS and live life on your terms.

All the best to you all and good luck for this year and way beyond too.

Speak soon.

Bye for now.