Successful Sales Funnel Strategies – Capitalising On Back-End Affiliate Commissions!

Creating a sales funnel as an affiliate that can create residual incomes is by far the best way of running an affiliate online business. Getting paid for doing no extra work is a very satisfying business model to get involved in. Creating a sales funnel pays you again and again for back-end products you are promoting gives you the edge and leverage for all the hard work you have put in at the front-end of your sales funnel. Here is a simple concept of actually working smart way and not the hard way.

What is a back-end product and how can this work from my affiliate business? They are simply related recommendations that you can send out to your list of subscribers that are either existing customers or are simply a subscriber to a free gift you have given to them at the front-end of your sales funnel.

Many online marketers segment their lists so they can promote high-paying affiliate commission products to what they call “buyers list”. This list will contain peoples names and e-mails who have bought similar products at the front-end of the sales funnel. These are people who are proven buyers and are far more likely to buy your recommended affiliate product’s on the back end of your sales funnel.

This back-end office strategy takes away all the stress and frustration of trying to make a quick sale at the front-end and allows you to focus on creating buyers list at a steady pace.

There are far too many marketers online trying to sell affiliate products on their own products at the front end which are often over-hyped and don’t deliver what they are promising. This may be a good way to make money short-term, but once your customers bought from you without giving you their name and e-mail address you have lost that customer forever.

The highly successful online marketers into build up strong relationships with their potential customers before actually selling high-priced products to them. You have to make them feel that they can trust you to deliver almost any result they desire by providing the goods at the front-end and then building up trust towards the back end of your sales funnel. Once you keep sending outstanding information to your list that is free and do this on a consistent basis; you will begin to see that they respond massively to your affiliate promotions and this allows you to make massive commissions and the back-end of your sales funnel.

Even affiliate products that are highly priced can be easily recommended to your list of subscribers once you have done the initial groundwork of building up a fantastic relationship with your list.