Stop Procrastinating…Starting Today

Procrastination is just about everyone’s common enemy. And yet, somehow, many people embrace procrastination and accept is like it’s their best friend. These people will never succeed in anything that they do. The only thing they will ever succeed in doing is doing nothing.


If you are an online business owner, you must know that procrastination can be such a destructive force that it can start a chain reaction which eventually leads your business to ruins. Successful business owners are the epitome of non-procrastinators as their success is solid proof of that.


Alas, fighting procrastination will always be a constant battle. There will be days where you just feel lazy, there are times where you feel like putting of today’s task for tomorrow. But realize this, when you do not work, that’s when procrastination is.


It’s never easy fighting procrastination, but then again, who says building an online business is?


Here are some tips which can you to help you fight procrastination:


Bite-size Chunks



Sometimes we set a goal or standard for ourselves that’s too high for our own good.


When we do that, we tell that ourselves that we can only achieve it once we give it our 110% percent. And when we feel we can’t give it that much, we don’t even try, or we simply wait for the day that we feel like we can.


But have you ever realized that the day never comes? Because it never will.


Setting high standard or big goals are great, but it can be overwhelming. Rather than focusing on the big goal or high standards, we actually have to focus on the small stepping stones which are needed to reach that big goal.


So break your main goal into little tasks which can help contribute to reaching your ultimate goal.

So list it down and try to complete these small and tiny tasks and get around to it no matter how small it may seem. Eventually, all of these tasks performed will add up and thus will help you reach your ultimate goal.



Which Comes First


You have to learn how to separate your professional life from your personal life. Try not to bring your professional life or work back home with you and likewise try not to bring your personal work to work with you.


When you are at work, it’s easy to get distracted from calls from home or friends, and not to mention checking their status updates in social networking sites. Time spent answering your friend’s emails and also chatting with them through instant messengers and the like are definitely not top priority when it comes to work time.


These distractions are a form of procrastination which stops you from being productive at work. There is a time for fun and there is a time for business.


So make it clear to your family and friends that you do not wish to be disturbed during work or least contact you only when it is necessary such as emergencies. Good friends and family will certainly respect your request.


It’s too easy to let these two aspects of your life intertwine and when that happens, the balance between personal and professional life is shifted, and you will definitely find there is not enough time for one. Try to maintain a perfect balance, and you will find yourself having the time for both.




Motivation is a great weapon against procrastination. If you can find what really motivates you to do what you do, then procrastination will not be a serious problem anymore. Passion is also a form of great motivation and when coupled together with motivation, it is certainly a winning combination to be successful at just about anything.


It’s also good if you have someone you can look up to such as a successful online entrepreneur or business owner. His or her success can be your prime source of motivation. Or you could always have a mentor, coach or guide. Knowing that having someone to guide (or push you when you are slacking) is also a great motivation to keep going.




Sometimes it is not laziness but the hesitation or the habit of over-thinking things that brings out the procrastinator in us. It may be the fear of failing but failing is a part of the learning process, and successful people know all too well when it comes to failure.


Successful people experienced it time and time again but when they do fail, they always pick themselves up, brush it off and continue. This is what separates truly successful people from non-successful ones. They learn from their mistakes and therefore every failure that they face only makes them that much wiser and stronger.


Do not let hesitation hold you back. Resistance and difficulty is inevitable in achieving success in anything. When you come to accept it, there you have the will to learn how to overcome it when it eventually comes. That is how you learn and that is how you will grow as a person. What you learn you can apply to your business which in turn will grow as you do too.


Procrastination can and will strike anyone, and at any time. But for whatever reason a person procrastinates, the good news is that, it is beatable and anyone can overcome it. It is merely a psychological barrier which anyone can overcome and win over. So don’t let procrastination bring you or your business down. If there is something that can be done today, by all means, go for it.