STOP Leaving Thousands of Dollars on the Table – Eliminate this Fatal Mistake for Good

money-bin-200Okay so today’s focus is going to be on something that is quite blatantly obvious to the trained eye but is often brushed aside by many newcomers who are desperate to get up and running with their I.M. business.

For those of you who have listened to my videos, read my emails, purchased my training products; you’ll know what my basic idea of a great way to make a real solid and dependable stable income online is.

1. You target huge niche markets with a never ending flow of paying customers

2. Look to build a list of subscribers around that market

3. Follow up with them using a strong set of relationship building emails

4. Have a strong sales funnel set up ready to turn those prospects into potential buyers

5. Focus on providing valuable information for your subscribers, keep building your list, add more products to your sales funnel, make sure you offer HIGHER PRICED based products to your subscribers and make sure you have at least ONE RECURRING PAYING product in your sales funnel that allows you to get paid every single month from your members even when you are not working on your business.

But let me tell you that I still see many marketers online go to all those lengths of setting up their sales funnels, email sequences, adding more products to their funnels, driving traffic and all that good stuff…

…Only to forget or spend as little time as possible…


Let’s face it, creating a well constructed thought out product that can help people to go from where they are now to being able to move forward with what it is they’re struggling with can take 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks in some cases.

Depending on what the product is about and which market it is targeted towards.

So in money terms that is a lot of time spent on creating products that your customers are going to love.

In those weeks spent on creating your product it is hard to fit in any time for traffic generation, setting up any paid advertising like solo ads or banner ads etc.

Sure if you’re well organized you can set aside a few hours a day working on your product, a few hours driving traffic and a couple of hours working on anything else that needs to done in your online business.

So if you’ve recently created your first, second or even third product and have spent weeks on creating them, but have only spent a few hours on creating your sales page…

…Then go back and make sure it is going to turn your potential customers into PAYING ONES!

If you know deep down that you haven’t paid enough attention to your sales page(s) then don’t leave it to chance because you’ll only risk losing your time, money and all your hard work, sweat and tears by neglecting this ONE VITAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE.

The one main reason I believe why most newcomers don’t change their sales pages soon enough is because of traffic problems they have at the beginning of their launch campaigns.

They don’t know how to attract the BIG AFFILIATES, they may only see traffic trickling in for them to really notice how badly their sales pages are converting.

Just imagine if you had 100’s or even 1000’s of visitors hitting your sales funnel every day!

You would instantly realize something drastic would need to done in order for you to start seeing decent returns on your paid investments.

Most newcomers don’t have enough funds for them to really test their conversions before making any real decisions on whether they should make changes to their sales pages.

So they plod on hoping that things will get better once they have enough traffic coming in.



…Progress is incredibly slow, they are unable to see the numbers as fast as they’d like and end up getting bored and frustrated stating that this I.M. thing doesn’t work.


It does work.

It’s just most folks don’t run the system long enough to allow the NUMBERS TO TELL THEM what is working and what needs to DUMPED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

So let’s look at an example of someone who thinks they are doing well but doesn’t even bother to test different price points and variations of their sales pages.

let’s say Bob has is first sales funnel up and running.

He has his free gift, his low ticket priced front end offer at $10 and he offers an up-sell (priced at $17) as soon as someone buys his front end product.

He currently knows that his front end product converts at 5% and for every 5 that buys this $10 product, at least 1 of them goes onto buy his up-sell priced at $17.

So for every 100 visitors that hits his sales funnel he knows he stands a great chance of making $67.

100 visitors = 5 F.E. sales at $50 PLUS 1 up-sell sale = $17

$50 + $17 = $67

Okay these are nice simple figures of course because I wanted to make sure you understand this part of the process and how important is to spend as much time working on your sales page as it is on your actual product.

So let’s say his sales funnels has 1, 000 visitors a week.

That would be $67 for every 100 visitors so for every 1,000 visitors that would be $67 x 10 = $670 a week.

So that would be a very reasonable $2,680 a month coming into his business.

That is around $32,160 a year.

Not bad eh?


What if he had tested different variation price points, headlines, sales copy against each other on his sales page?

What if he realized that after this testing he could manage to jump his F.E. conversions from 5% to a WHOPPING 10%?

That would now mean he now has 10 sales from every 100 visitors and 2 sales from his up-sell $17 product.

100 visitors = 10 F.E. sales at $100 and 2 up-sell sales at $34.

$100 + $34 = $134

So 1,000 visitors a week = $134 x 10 = $1,340 a week.

That’s $5,360 a month.

So that is around $64,320 a year!

Original figure – $32,160

New figure – $64,320

$64,320 – $32,160 = $32,160 more that year for just spending a little more time and care testing sales page(s) and making sure they are working.


Now I know that this is just an example but hopefully you now see how CRUCIAL it is to spend time working on your SALES PAGES just as much as the actual product itself.

Especially if you are a traffic LEGEND and you have tons of it coming in every month!

Well that’s it for today folks!

Hope you enjoyed reading this today and looking forward to you guys seeing some success with it.

And as usual GOOD QUALITY & HELPFUL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS are always welcome below…