Solo Ads Profits Blueprint – Super Speed Your List Building Efforts Using This Strategy Today!

If you are looking to fast track the list building efforts, then these solo ads tactics can certainly move you towards your online profit goals.

For paid traffic sources, solo ads is fast becoming the quickest way to build an e-mail list and be able to promote affiliate product’s and related offers to your list.

Feel free to use these following strategies right away:

Have A Converting Sales Funnel In Place – Either way you need to test your sales funnel before you can really ramp up your list building efforts. Buying solo ads is a fast solution to testing your sales funnel to see how profitable it can be and also allows you to recoup your investment at the same time. Once a visitor has signed up to your list for your free gift, you can now send that new subscriber to a OTO or one-time offer.

The typical cost for a one-time offer is anything from $5-$10. They are priced this low because they are going to increase your chances of higher conversions and allow your new subscribers to make an easy decision.

You’ll soon realise that you may need to promote someone else’s low price product as an affiliate because you may not have a one-time offer of your own. You can go to places like:

Warrior Plus, DigiResults, Clciksure & JVZoo etc where they pay instant commissions via PayPal.

Create A High Converting Squeeze Page – Again this comes down to testing and solo ads allow you to test your squeeze pages to see how many people opt-into your squeeze pages when they visit a one-page website. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you create a squeeze page that converts at anywhere from 30% to 70%. Creating a squeeze page that converts at 70% is a very hard task indeed and is not compulsory but if you do enough testing and tweaking I’m sure you can hit the 70% mark in time.

Make sure you have an enticing headline, sub headline and a picture of your free gift and make sure it is of high quality to increase your opt-in rates. Also you need to add the word “FREE” as many times as possible to remind people that they are going to get your free gift for zero cost and this will increase your chances of people opting into your list.

Set Number Of Clicks VS Ezines – The difference between buying a set amount of solo ad clicks and Ezine solo ads is that the first example guarantees that you receive the number of clicks that you have paid for. The seller of these solo ads will often write the Email ad copy for you and will often provide more clicks to your squeeze page than you originally asked for.

Ezine solo’s are different in that you have to write the ad copy yourself and you are not guaranteed on any amount of click’s you are going to receive to your squeeze pages. You can write your ad copy for both of these types of solo ads but you can always ask the seller from example 1 to write your ads for you.

It is also a good idea to find affiliate products that convert at a high conversion rate and have a long customer value rate.