Social Media – From Option To Obligation

Thanks to advancements to modern technology, humans are able to keep in touch with each other easier than ever which are largely in part because of the Internet. It is not restricted by geographical location or borders. It has successfully made the real world, a smaller place.


Humans are social creatures and therefore it is not surprising that many of us tend to flock to “social media” websites. As the name suggests, these sites serves as a platform for people to converse with family and friends, building better relations with each other and also is the perfect medium to find and meet new friends as well thus expanding their social circle.


So wherever the masses are, that means marketers shouldn’t be far behind. This is because there is where a big chunk of their target market will be as well. But social media platforms have grown to possess so much potential for Internet marketers.


In fact, it has evolved into an Internet marketing strategy that Internet marketers can’t afford to ignore anymore.


Here are some of those benefits:


1. Builds (Online) Presence


Social media platforms are one of the most effective and fastest ways to help your business or brand build an online presence. As you expand your social media presence by being active and constantly updating it, it will be discovered by more and more people on these platforms. In turn, your presence will be spread to their friends, and then to their friends, so on and so forth.


But how you build your presence is also just as important as expanding it. Avoid sounding overly-promotional too early on in your social media endeavors. In fact, scratch that. Just try to avoid sounding too promotional at all times.


To really build your reputation, credibility and online presence fast and effectively on these platforms, you have to constantly deliver valuable content to your followers. Only then will you have a lasting and sustainable follower base.


Preferably content that is great enough your followers are more than willing to share it with their own following and friends. And when more people get to know you through your content, your list of followers or fans will definitely grow.


Not to forget, the frequency is also important as a means to maintain your online presence because going on for too long without any updates from you and they will simply forget about you and you will drop out from their radar.



2. Customer Service/Support Made Easy


When you are constantly engaging your customers/followers/fan base on these social media platforms, it also makes them easier for them to reach out to you. Sometimes they might have questions or problems regarding your business, service or product which requires your attention.


Therefore, these platforms are the easiest and quickest way for them to voice out their queries, concerns, or dissatisfaction.


The conventional method of calling your business’ land-line, or using e-mail is still a great way but using normal telephone calls can incur costs on customers which they might not be willing to bear and if both of you are oceans apart, the cost of the call is only going to skyrocket.


The e-mail method however usually doesn’t result in an immediate response which would be crucial if regarding time-sensitive queries. And then there is a chance that their email might end up in the spam inbox instead.


Most of the times, customers are very impatient and their patience can escalate to frustration or simply anger if they have to wait too long for a response. And if they are really angry, they will abandon your business which results in a loss of a customer or potential prospect.


Through social media platforms, many of these problems can be overcome. Another silver lining is that by tackling problems in social media platforms, many issues are going to be brought up by your customers in plain sight. This means that you and the concerned customer are not the only two people who are going to be reading the issue that the concerned customer has brought up.


But this can be a good thing.


Because if you can manage to handle the matter swiftly and also professionally and find a solution that can satisfy the concerned customer, then many of your readers will have a new-found respect for you and your business because it shows that you really care about your customers and listen to them. And that is always a very good thing for business.


3. Great For Search Engine Ranking


Search engine giants (like Google) have stated that their current search engine algorithm has indeed taken a business’ social media presence into account when it comes to ranking. What this means is that if there are more mentions regarding your business in social media platforms and this means it can help you rank better.


So contents on your site should also be shared in these social media sites in the hopes of it getting shared to as many people as possible.


And when you have a higher rank in the search engines which also means more traffic for your site, and when they see that you have an account on these social media sites, they will elect to follow you as well and this amazing cycle repeats itself, constantly generating traffic, fans and followers in the process.


4. Best Of All…


It’s FREE! Yes, that’s right, most of these major social media platforms might require registration, but they are totally free for you to use. You can engage, share, promote and market to your audience and it won’t even cost you a single cent. It’s simply an Internet marketer’s dream come true!


In addition, many of these sites have the option for you to create ads which requires you to pay a fee of course. With the millions of users available on these social media platforms, that is definitely an attractive option worth taking a look into if you have the budget to support it.




As great as these social media platforms are, you should not employ a blatantly and aggressively marketing strategy when it comes to these social media platforms. It’s also about building presence, credibility, reputation, following, and customer loyalty.


The meaning of the term aggressive marketer has changed from someone who constantly tries to promote and does nothing else, to someone who engages their target audience and first constantly provides value to them and thus turning them into loyal customers who are worth more than a customer who’s good for a single sale only.