Simple Stats That Can Help Add Thousands Of Dollars To Your Bottom Line Online Business Profits

email-200 Today I wanted to share with you something that is often well overlooked and I believe is MIGHTILY UNDER-UTILIZED!

It’s all about strategy this one so I know you’re going to like it.

Once you have set up your auto-responder using either Getresponse or Aweber (or any reliable email messaging service) you then need to pay close attention to what it’s email open & click rate stats are telling you.

You see these stats aren’t just there for you to show off to the nearest newcomer and say: “Hey look at my email open & click rates would you like to see these figures too?”


There is something you can do with them that can add thousands of dollars to your online business profits over the next 6 – 12 months if you do as I am going to show you and use this to your advantage right away.

Now I know that Getresponse gives you these stats on a silver platter. I also know that Aweber also do this (well they did when I last used them anyway) and it is a fantastic way to compare, tweak and test to see what kind of messages (in particular) are performing and which ones just aren’t pushing your subscribers buttons.

“What is that it?” (I can here you say)


If you are thinking this, you’re missing the point here.

It’s what YOU DO with these stats and figures that is important here.

So stay with me here; you’re more then likely gonna love this one.

Here’s what I do on a regular basis to add extra revenue into my online business for very little work…

1. If you have been building a list of email subscribers for some time and have access to some data at least; head on over to your auto-responder now and take a look at this section of your email stats dashboard:

(NOTE! – I’m using Getresponse for this example so just use whatever service you’re currently with)


2. Next you want to look to the left and select “Auto-responders Time-Based” options tab within the email analytics panel:


3. Now you will see a menu appear and you can then simply select which of your campaigns you want to see is performing well from certain email and which emails are not:


4. Now you can either select “OPENED” or “CLICKED” menu tabs to see detailed stats of which emails are performing the best from your messages that automatically go out to your new subscribers as soon as they join your list:


5. Now you’ll see all the open, click and success stats you need from your campaign(s):


Now most of you may be thinking that this is either very basic stuff and some of you will not even have the slightest idea where this is going.

It’s okay for both parties because for those who are quite new to this I.M. thing; you can “Bookmark” this page and come back to it once you’ve been trained by my other emails, training products, updates etc etc.

And for those of you who already know these steps up to this part of the post, I’m now going to share with you how this information can be extremely powerful once you know what to do with it!

So here it goes:

Step #1

Once you have driven enough traffic towards your sales funnel (campaign(s)) you will then have enough information to be able to see which emails are being opened and clicked on the most. You simply take the best performing ones and move them “CLOSER TO THE FRONT” of your email auto-responder sequence.

So for example if you find that the email on day 10, 15, 17 or 20 is out performing those from day 2, 3, 4 or 5 etc; you simply go over to your email messaging panel and move the best performing ones to the front.



Especially if you’re using paid traffic as one of your traffic sources because I have found that your new subscribers are far more responsive to your emails in the first few days of subscribing.


Well think about it!

How many distractions are there on the Internet today?

By the time they’ve been on your list for a few days, there is far more likely the chance of them being dragged away or being distracted by something else online that may be totally irrelevant from you are sending them.

We live in an extremely vibrant and creative world these days so there are always so many other things that can turn your subscribers heads away from your emails.

So this is why it’s so important for you to make sure you constantly check which of your emails are doing the best work of keeping your subscribers responsive & engaged to your emails.

Step #2

Now if you’re really clever you’ll realize that every one of your emails links (especially ones with links to products) needs to be tracked.

So if you have tracking software already or you are using Warrior+, JV Zoo or Click-bank for example to host your products, you’ll easily be able to add your tracking links to your emails.

So for example you could create a link that this – (this is a made up link by the way so don’t think it’s a real live link because it isn’t)

Notice that I added (email-4) to the end of the link so that I know exactly which emails are sending me the most sales.

This makes everything so much more transparent and easy to replicate. It takes away all the guess work of thinking; “I wonder if this email would get my subscribers to buy this particular product”

Better still, you can then create more emails and add them to see if they can out perform the ones that are performing great for you at that particular stage of your online business.

If they don’t; no problem.

If they do, well you now know that you can make even more money from your email campaigns and simply invest more money into your paid traffic budget, grow your list to even greater numbers and make more profits.

It’s all about the numbers guys!

Once you know what works, just throw more traffic at it and make more money.

Test, tweak until profitable, SCALE UP YOUR NUMBERS!

Well that’s all for today folks.

Hope you enjoyed reading this today and looking forward to you guys seeing some success with it.

And as usual GOOD QUALITY & HELPFUL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS are always welcome below…