Simple PPC (AdWords) Guideline When Starting Out

AdWords and Pay-Per Click (PPC) in general can be scary especially for first time Internet marketers who have never used it before. But PPC advertising for an online business is a very powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal and PPC platforms such as AdWords has the potential to really help you bring in the clicks, which in turn more conversations and thus more sales.


Either to promote a business, brand, service or product, AdWords are utilized by countless of online businesses out there. But not all of them experience the same amount of success that they are hoping to achieve with PPC.


AdWords is a tool and just like any tool, you must know how to use it to be able to wield it effectively and efficiently.


So here are some tips to help you get a better grip of your PPC campaigns:


Keywords Research


This is by far the first and foremost thing you should be doing when delving into PPC. Keywords are a very important aspect of your business (not only for AdWords) that it has the power to pinpoint and pull the exact kind of target audience that you are looking for.


Equally important is not only selecting the right kind of relevant keywords but also how you word them. Your keywords must be attractive and enticing enough so potential prospects, who are already in buying mode and are just looking for the best place, reason and excuse to do so. So if your ad can satisfy those criteria, then it’s almost a guaranteed click from these potential prospects.


Leading To Landing Pages


By clicking on your ads, there must be a destination that the link will bring them to. And there is no better destination then leading them to your landing pages. Landing pages are the expanded version of your ad where it provides the details that captured visitor’s interest in a bigger and comprehensive way.


A landing page convinces the visitors who click on your ad to satisfy the main call to action of your landing pages. That means a landing page will convince the visitors to buy the product if you are selling something, or hiring your service if you are providing one.


When they clicked on your ad, that means they wanted to know more, and the landing page is the perfect opportunity to tell them what they want to know and what they would love to hear.



Titles That Capture Attention


The title or subject heading of your ads are what catches people’s attention and convinces people to take the time to read your ad content. This in turn convinces them to click on it to bring them to your landing page.


However, a title that really stands out and where the target audience can relate to has to be a really powerful title and one that all your ad titles should possess if possible.


Many visitors can be sold with a great headline alone and a great headline alone can generate enough interest, curiosity and the desire for a click. However, no matter how important it is to come up with a great headline, what is even more important is that it has to relate to your landing page or whatever it is that you may be promoting.


Coming up with a great headline which has nothing to do with your business, or landing pages just for the sake of pulling clicks is not a good way build a positive reputation of your online business. People hate being deceived and deceiving them in such a way is only setting your business up for failure.


So remember, it has to be unique, interesting, targeted, and most of all, related.




You should only invest in a bigger budget only when you are more familiar and comfortable with what you are doing. You can also start to invest more money into your AdWords campaign if you are already experiencing some degree of success and only if you believe that you can multiply that success by investing more money in it.


When you are targeting too many keywords at a time coupled with a puny budget, you will soon find out that your keywords cannot be sustained long enough for it to even take off the ground. Never pay for something that you can’t afford and never keep an ad that costs more than it can convert for long periods of time.


Even though some ads might be generating clicks but if you are spending more on it than the money that they are bringing in, that means that ad just isn’t worth it. You must either drop it, or find a way to tweak and improve that version of the ad. To run an efficient campaign you need to weed out under-performing ads fast.


It’s also important that you check the individual statistics of every single ad that you utilized in your campaign to see how well they are performing. This can help you determine the ROI of each ad and help you to stay within budget.




Like many things in life, knowing how to do something right comes from experience, which comes from actually getting out there and doing it. In an online business (and PPC) there will be good decisions made, and there will be mistakes made, but what makes it worth it is that there is also money to be made.