Send An Avalanche Of Hot Prospects Towards Your Offers With These 5 Free & Super Easy Traffic Methods

You could own the greatest product or service that the world has ever seen; but without driving targeted traffic towards your product or service no one is ever going to see it. Knowing how to drive targeted traffic towards your affiliate offers, your blog, squeeze pages, your own products or services and indeed anywhere else; it’s a vital skill to develop within your online business promotional strategy.

Below are five highly effective but super easy strategies you can use to drive huge amount of targeted traffic towards your online business:

Article Marketing Power

Probably not the most glamorous of traffic generation techniques but should certainly be at the top of the list of strategies for driving huge amounts of targeted traffic towards your business. They worked extremely well 10 years ago and still continue to produce fantastic results for many successful Internet marketers today. Just set aside a couple of hours a day producing 3 to 5 articles that are packed with useful information and can be used to increase interest from your prospects.

Once you create some momentum with articles you need to make sure you drive traffic towards your squeeze pages and not a sales page so you can capture and individuals e-mail address and add them to your subscriber database.

Video Marketing

You can easily turn your previously written articles into video tutorials so you are squeezing as much traffic from each piece of content you create as possible. Videos are fantastic for creating a buzz around your online business and can send floods of targeted traffic towards your target websites. Once you have created your video you can use distribution software that allows you to share your videos around as many high traffic video sharing sites as possible. By placing your videos on these high traffic sites you are increasing your chances of spreading your video content around the web like wildfire.

Make sure you add a watermark to your videos that shows your website address as some video sharing sites don’t allow click-able links within the descriptions when you upload your video to those sites. This is good for branding and allows people to remember what to do after they have finished watching your videos.

Paid Advertising

Once you are in profit and can afford to invest in paid advertising traffic methods; solo ads can be used to drive thousands of prospects to any particular web page you desire. Using solo ads is one of the fastest ways of testing your sales funnel and allows you to see fast results. Some ads work better than others but once you find some good ones you can then scale things up and purchase bigger traffic packages and you can always make some of your investment back from your initial investment by offering a one-time offer in your sales funnel.

Become A Guest Blogger

Becoming a Guest blogger allows you to pinpoint where your target audience is hanging out and filter that hot prospect traffic back to your squeeze pages. You can look to find high traffic blogs that are closely related to your product or service within your niche and offer the blog owner a free article you have written in exchange for a back link back to your squeeze page. You need to make sure that your guest post is of high quality and packed with useful information and is at least 1000 words long in order for it to be accepted by the blog owner.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be seen as a tedious task but once the numbers begin to add up can be a fantastic way to drive huge amounts of targeted traffic to your business. You know people who hang out at blogs and post comments are already interested in that particular niche and are passionate and hungry for more information. You can look for high traffic blogs that are closely related to your online business and leave a few comments a day on those blogs.

Aim to leave high quality comments that are relevant to the content within those blogs so people will be enticed to click through on your comments and land on your squeeze page so you can add them to your e-mail subscribers list.