Safelist Solo Ads – Blast your Targeted Traffic Numbers to New Heights

Buying safe list solo ads is by far one of the fastest ways to increase targeted traffic back to your target website. You can purchase these from marketing companies or specific sites, where individual marketers are willing to allow you to send an email ad to their list of subscribers. A big advantage of using solo ads is that you have the option to set the amount of clicks you would like your ad to receive before you buy.

This allows you to have complete control over your budgeting costs and allows you to measure the success of each campaign you set up. Here are some simple steps to get you started and will hopefully enable you to start sending massive amounts of traffic to your business:

First Step: Locate & Test Different Companies

Finding these solo ad companies or websites is a relatively easy task to implement. Please bear in mind first, that not all companies are going to provide quality traffic and some are going to more beneficial than others. Always do your research first and look for positive feedback by doing “review search” before buying your first solo ad. A well known and trusted site for buying solo ads is; Safe-Swaps. Here, you can choose individual list owners by their quality scores from previous buyers. This gives you a good indication of whether to buy from a particular marketer or not.

Second Step: Finding Newsletters That Fit the Bill

Using newsletters to advertise in is a great way to target traffic that is suited to your offer. There are literally thousands of newsletters out there that you can sign up for completely free of charge. Sign up to about 5 newsletters within your niche and look for the ones that are going fit in nicely with what you want to offer. This can save you both time and money in the long run as it takes away the “guess work” involved when it comes to testing your offer.

Third Step: Test & Track Your Ads

Building traffic to your websites is like running a marathon and is certainly not a sprint kind of race. So aim to choose one or two newsletters first that you like the look of and look at the results once that particular campaign has been completed. Even if you have sufficient funds to experiment with, you have to understand how the whole process works before you will see any kind of success.

The same can be said for testing email ads; look at what other successful marketers are saying in their subject lines and tweak it to your own individual style. Never copy an ad campaign word for word as this can get you banned from any particular site.

Final Step: Find What Is Working & Run with It

This is where the real fun begins. You are now at a point of knowing which ads are working and ones that are holding you back. Once you know which ones are getting the desired results, you can begin to advertise in multiple offers and begin to really ramp up your results. Getting to this stage is paramount for your business traffic and ultimately, your business profits.

All that is left to say is go and create your first campaign by following each step that has been laid out for you here today.