Reasons Not To Second Guess Guest Blogging

Many web site owners are now guest blogging to boost the exposure of their websites nowadays.

Yes, web site owners are actually writing content for ANOTHER webmaster’s blog/website.


Seems like a strange and one-sided arrangement doesn’t it? Well, it did to me too…at first.


Well, there is a bigger picture and in fact, there are multiple advantages in doing this.


As more and more people are finding out, guest blogging can be mutually beneficial for both the guest blogger and the webmaster that plays host to the guest blogger.



Different Traffic Source


First of all, this is a great way to gain some extra traffic from a new source.


Imagine being able to write for a website or blog that you know gets thousands and thousands of visitors per day.


(Of course you must never forget to leave your link at the end of your content for your new visitors to follow.)


But the real kicker here is that if you post on similar niche sites such as yours, you are going to get TARGETED traffic. So be sure to come up with good and interesting stuff when guest blogging.


Every click that you receive from your content is a potential new loyal reader, subscriber or even buyer for your website. So it’s worth investing some time and thought into coming up with a killer content when guest posting.


This is your chance to make a good impression, so make it a lasting one.


Search Engines


After the Google Panda and Penguin update, many people (especially SEO experts and practitioners alike) are stating that article submissions directories have lost their effectiveness.


Well, to me that sounds like a sign to start looking for other traffic alternatives.

This is another area where guest blogging can really shine.


Plus, why not put your content on a site that has a target audience that is genuinely interested in your topic.


Take for instance, if you have a website about Golf, and you have written a nice article about Golf tips and then guest blogging about it on another web site or blog about golf.


Since people visiting that site are already interested in golf, it will be no surprise if many of those visitors actually pay attention to your article, read it and follow the link to your website at the end of the article to know more.


Brilliant isn’t it?




Guest blogging also opens new doors in terms of building new relationships and networking.


Since now you have a chance to further expand your business and reputation, more people will also want to build relations with you as more and more people find out about you and your business.


At the end, you will have more opportunities to participate in future and profitable projects such as joint ventures for product creation as well as product launches.


At the same time, working with other people can also involve in the exchange of ideas, opinions, views and in the process, you might learn many new things if it hadn’t been for the chance of networking.


You might even meet people more knowledgeable in the relevant fields who are more than willing to help out or impart what they know to you.


The possibilities just from networking are just endless and guest posting simply opens up the door to this opportunity.


Social Sharing


Many blogs usually have social networking or social media buttons attached to every blog post. So when you have an interesting blog post posted when you are guest blogging, they will even get more exposure as people are always more than willing to share interesting content.


Your content can easily go viral this way.


Imagine getting FREE exposure on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so much more.



As you can see, there are multiple benefits in guest posting. The webmaster who is hosting your blog post is getting fresh and unique content written for him/her (which satisfied the main objective of the Google update), and you get a chance to build your traffic, contact list and online reputation.


Guest blogging is also not a one-time affair thing. You can guest blog again and again on the same blog while you can also find some other blogs or website to guest blog on.


Guest blogging is a true example of a mutually beneficial deal.