Quality Website Traffic – How to Utilise Articles to Unlock your Online Business Profits

One of the key components of driving quality website traffic back to your business has to be article content writing. There are countless ways of driving traffic to a website and not all work at the same levels of success. Today, we are going to discuss article writing and how to maximise your results with a written article by submitting them to various high traffic websites.

It has been well stated that articles are not as effective for driving quality traffic as years gone by. This is a true statement in some cases but what we should be stating is that article writing has become a little more difficult to see the same kind of results as a few years ago. This does not mean you cannot achieve massive results from your article marketing campaigns. What it does mean is that you have to have the right strategy and consistency when it comes to writing your articles and submitting them.

For example, if you are looking to gain some exposure for your weight loss business website, then you should aim to write articles that cover as many different aspects of weight loss. These could include, dieting, exercise, weight loss supplements, psychology of weight loss and so on. This allows you to write as many articles as you please and places you as an expert within your particular area of expertise. Aim to provide as much quality information as you can throughout the article and make sure they are to a very high standard.

Once you have written your article, you have to decide where and how you can submit your article to gain the highest possible quality traffic from it. Many people say that article directories are still the best places to submit your articles. You can easily find a list 50 top article directories on the web by conducting a search on Google or YouTube. Here you leave a link either at the bottom of your article or in some cases, leave links throughout your articles that point back to your website.

There are also high traffic blogs out there that accept articles as unique content. Make sure you have not submitted your article anywhere else before submitting it to these blogs. Again, your article needs to be at a very high standard and contain relevant and useful content throughout. In order to gain an advantage from both directories and blog submissions, it is highly recommended you test both methods of submission and see which method presents the best results by tracking your results using Google Analytics and other analysis platforms available to you on the web.