Quality List Building Tips & Tricks – Create Your Own Super Converting Squeeze Pages

You don’t have to be a master of creativeness when it comes to building outstanding squeeze pages. I am sure you have seen many of these one page websites in the past, either with flashing arrows and plain text, or with videos built into them. This said you already know what is working for many marketers today. Knowing how to build a quality squeeze page that converts your traffic into subscribers on complete auto-pilot, is one of the best list building tips you are required to master.

A successful website of this nature is required to have an enticing headline. When someone visits your squeeze page, they have to be met with something that “stands out”. Again, as we discussed earlier you can get some idea of what this headline has to say by looking at other headlines out there on the web. You have to be able to grab the potential customers’ attention immediately or face losing that prospect forever. So, have a look at some headlines that have caught your imagination and create some ideas from them.

People tend to start from the top and work their way down a particular page. So, once you know that your headline is working fine, you now need to concentrate on what the benefits are going to be for your prospects. Benefits are a key factor here because people want to know how this offer is going to help them to better their lives. You can list these below the main headline of your opt-in page either in traditional short bursts of text or in bullet point format. Picture yourself in someone else’s shoes when creating a list of benefits and try to think about what they would want to see once they land on your web-page.

Now you need to focus on the opt-in box. You can add graphics just above the opt-in box so that peoples’ eyes are automatically drawn to part of the page. This is where the prospect places his or hers’ name and email address so make-sure they know that this it is important they do this step themselves in order to get their complimentary information. You have the option of adding some excellent stand out graphics here to ensure that the prospect joins your list.

If you are not technically gifted and you do have some funds available, you could always ask a professional web designer to design this for you. You can also invest in some pre-designed templates that are already proven to convert at up to 60%. Again, these are going to cost you money but it all depends whether you are time rich or money poor and vice-verse. There are also word-press plug ins out there that come pre-populated with many specifically designed templates. All you have to do is add your own wording and videos to them if you desire and this will save you months of frustration trying to design a squeeze page yourself.