Quality Content For Your Visitors

When it comes to content for your online business or blog, 1 single quality unique content will always trump 10 less-than-mediocre ones. Even if you have a small start-up site, don’t go rushing into filling up your site with useless content just for the sake of “fattening” it up.


Nobody said growing a website (or online business) was going to be easy. If you build your site with such a flimsy foundation at the end of the day, it will all come crumbling down.


Too many times new businesses always aim to satisfy the search engines by filling their site with contents this way. If you slave yourself to appease the search engines, here is the irony, the search engines are built to appease its users.


See the bigger picture here? You have to satisfy your site for the users, not the search engines. Only when you shift your focus to your web visitors will you start steering your website in the right direction. That is why quality is so important and because quality is appreciated more by your readers.


But what makes a quality content?

What makes a content worth of reading for its title all the way to its ending?


It may be subjective but it does help to keep the following in mind when coming up with future contents:


The Group


Everyone is different. So how are you going to write content which can relate to these individuals?

Sounds like a task that’s next to impossible doesn’t it?


Well, here’s the good news. Write for the GROUP of people instead of an individual.


Many different people with different cultures, background, mentality, gender, age can share a connection or a common thing such as a desire, passion, or even problem. So identify what your target audience is, and then come up with content for them. Satisfy their curiosity, educate their thirst for knowledge or aim to solve a problem.


Find out the common thing that’s connecting your target audience together and then go from there. Keep at it and you will find yourself a large following in no time.




When claiming something about a service, product or fact, your words alone don’t really mean a lot especially to people who don’t know you yet. This is especially apparent when you are somewhat of a new existence on the internet and you are just starting to build your brand and business.


People always seem trust numbers maybe because it gives them a sense of stability and assurance. So back up your claims and facts with numbers such as statistics and percentages.


Also be sure that you have a credible source and to make sure the numbers are accurate because you could always get into trouble if other parties verified your claims only to find out that is it grossly inaccurate or simply false.


No l33t Speak


No point using lots of technical and complicated jargon or using terms which only someone who has been in the industry for 10 years can understand. By using these words just for the sake of sounding smart, will only backfire because it will only turn off your visitors as they feel they need to make too much of an effort just to understand what you are talking about.


Even if you are presenting something of value in your contents, they can’t learn because they can’t even understand what is being presented to them. So avoid anything that’s overly technical or overly complicated. You can always break it down into a form that’s easily digestible by your readers, and they will definitely appreciate you for it.


If you must employ the use of technical jargon or terms, be sure to accompany it with a brief description or hyperlink, it to another page which can provide a full and better explanation. That way, your readers can better understand what you are talking about.



Worth 1000 words


A picture that is.


Try to incorporate the use of visual images into your content. Not only will it liven up your content, there are many things, which are better said using images than using just text. Images can help you to prove a point, helps you paint a clearer picture in your reader’s minds, makes them understand things better…etc


There are many other benefits in incorporating images into your content. You just have to know where to use it and when to use it in your content. Be careful not to go overboard with the images though, as it can slow the loading of web pages which should be avoided. Make sure they are web-optimized and use them on where needed.


Plus, a picture is a great break from just walls of text, (which your content will be without any images.). An eye-catching content will always be more able to pull in more clicks and is a great way to stand out.




To really stand out from the millions of other website out there, you have to find your own unique voice, tone and approach in your content.


When you are original, people will start to recognize you for your originality. The best rule to come out with something original is to always have your readers in mind. Always remember that what you are doing, you are doing for them, and you are speaking to your readers and you are helping them through your content.



The best kind of content is one that really relates to your target audience. Before you can write such content, you must first study your target audience and find out their wants, needs, likes, dislikes, desires and such. Only then can your content cater to what they are looking for.