Promoting New Content After Creation For Your Online Business Blog

It’s all about fresh, unique and relevant content nowadays. It’s what the search engines want and it’s what our web visitors are looking for.


By constantly supplying our website with contents which fits these criteria, the search engines will definitely pay more attention and give the web pages containing those contents a healthy boost in rankings. This in turn will be more easily discovered by search engine users when they are looking for the related information.


But search engines are not the only way that we can use to help gain the much needed exposure that we seek for our web pages. The World Wide Web is a large place, and search engines are not the entire picture when it comes to generating traffic. There are other sources of traffic out there which are just waiting for online business such as yours to tap into.


This should also serve to be a good idea because even though the majority of online businesses are pulling in traffic from search engine results, it’s too risky to purely rely on them as the one and only.


This is because search engine giants such as Google are constantly tweaking and improving their search engine algorithm. There are too many instances where once top reigning sites have simply disappeared off the face of the search engine results literally overnight because of the changes made.


Imagine this scenario happening to your online business and not having any other source of income. It is a webmaster’s (or an online business owner’s) nightmare came true. If you still had other sources of traffic, then this scenario would not be as fatal for your online business if it were to truly happen. When it comes to business, having a contingency plan is always a good idea.


Another positive thing is that the other sources of traffic can have a cumulative effect on your traffic therefore effective doubling or even tripling the amount of traffic that you are getting (depending on your approach) compared to just relying on the search engines alone. There are simply no downsides to it.


Here are examples of these great traffic generating sites:


Social Media Sites


The rapid rise of users flocking to these kinds of platforms is simply phenomenal. Therefore, it is simple logic for marketers to follow where the crowd gathers. But there is the part where many marketers make a mistake of. This is trying to hard-selling whatever it is that they are marketing or promoting to people on these social media sites.


As the genre of these sites suggests, these are SOCIAL platforms meant for individuals to socialize among each other. When you shove their face with aggressive marketing strategies, it’s never going to work and it will only do more harm than good for your business in the long run.


The secret is in the approach.


You must first engage your target audience. You socialize with them, build relationships, and then you create content which attracts them. Such as contents from your site which can then be used to attract them to your website.


When they see you as someone who is not merely after their wallets, they will be more receptive towards you.


When done right, social media can be a very powerful tool in your marketing strategy and in addition to generating traffic, it can also open up many doors of business opportunities as you’ll get to engage and interact with other key players of your industry and niche.


Social Bookmarking Sites


Before social media sites were as hot as they are now, there were social bookmarking sites. Even though social bookmarking sites have been seen on a decline in popularity and usage, there are still a huge healthy number of people visiting and participating on these sites.


To ignore these kinds of sites so prematurely is certainly a waste of what is still a very much viable source of traffic.


These sites are generally for people to share interesting web pages and links that they have found on the web with people who are most likely to be interested in them. Anyone can submit an interesting link to be shared including you. Therefore, this is the perfect platform to help boost you your own content.


These kinds of sites also involve a voting system where content that people share or link can be voted by each site member. Each vote from each member will add up to the overall vote and thus pushing the voted content up the rankings. Higher voted content will usually get to be displayed on the front page of these sites thus getting tons of exposure.


So in order for your content to receive plenty of votes, you must first come up with content that people will like and vote.


Posting And Commenting On Other Sites


There are millions and millions of blogs out there and every one of these blogs are a potential backlink source and of course traffic source.

But of course, in order for it to work effectively in your favor you must know how to do it right.


First things first are that you should only go and look for blogs which are related to your website’s niche. Only then will the link pointing back to your site be considered valuable by the search engines and also your target audience.


If the site has a somewhat similar niche as yours, that means they are also getting the kind of traffic that you are looking for. And simply having your link or content on these sites is a great way to attract them to your site.


Which brings us to the next point of how.


There is a specific reason I mentioned that you should look for blogs. This is because blogs usually contain a commenting section which you can leave your comment as well as your backlink in the process.


Secondly, blogs usually require constant updates, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to approach the blog owner and offer to update their site with new and fresh content through as a guest poster. Of course, all you ask for in return is to be able to include your very own link in the content that you are writing for the site.


This is certainly a mutually beneficial proposition and many blog owners will be more than happy to oblige. The blog owner gets fresh and updated content on their blog, you get to place your backlink there, and people who are going to read your content are also your target audience and chances are if they like what they read, they will certainly follow the link in the content to find out more about you and your business.




Forums are a great platform to help build your credibility, reputation and online presence. But like mentioned in the previous point you should only look for forums which are related to your website’s niche. The approach that you should adopt here would be similar to that of social media sites.


You should avoid sounding over-promotional at all times and also be careful what you post and where you do it. It’s easy to get your entry deleted by a forum admin if you break the rules and thus wasting your efforts. You should definitely include your website’s link in your forum signature or if a link is not allowed there then you must fill out your forum profile and include your link instead there.


Having a properly filled out profile will ensure that when a forum member is interested in knowing more about you they can do so by simply clicking on your forum profile. And if you have a link to your website there, they will most likely to check that out too.


So, be genuinely helpful in the forums and try to be a problem-solver. By constantly giving out advice, suggestions or even solving their problems (if your niche is suitable) then people will view you as a very knowledgeable person in your niche and definitely gaining the respect of all the forum members.



At the end of the day, the entire traffic source in the world wouldn’t amount to anything if your content is not what your target audience is interested in the first place. You have to first make sure that the content you deliver is unique and genuinely helpful and only then will your target audience view it as valuable and thus attracting more and more traffic in the long run. It all starts with great content as great content will serve as a solid foundation for solid rankings in the search engine results.