Profitable Niche Selection – Where to Uncover them FAST

Today we are going to talk about how to find a profitable niche and
where you actually need to go to uncover a niche that has lot’s of
room for profits for your online business.

You must learn to lay some solid foundations before you actually
begin to implement and begin building your online business.

So basically the actual sites and places you can go to uncover
and find a profitable niche are as follows:

1) You can search through forums. There will be lot’s and lot’s
of forums where you can find and go through online to see if
people are actively selling products within that niche and that
there are lot’s of marketers selling those products too.

So if you were to conduct a simple search with your niche keyword
and then by adding forums at the end of it and you find that there’s lot’s
of activity and products being sold there, then you know that
this niche or sub niche is profitable.

Also, you can look to see if active members of the forums are leaving
a signature link to their blogs, are they attempting to collect email
leads via their signature links everytime they post a useful comment
at that particular forum?

If they are, you already know that this niche has potential due to fact
that members are actively spending time at that forum and are trying
to drive targeted traffic back to their online business.

2) Are members actively posting questions at these forums seeking
information that can help with their needs? Are lot’s of members even
paying for that information via a particular forum?

Again, all this points to a positive result that this niche has lot’s of room
for you to position your online business into that niche and build a
profitable business around selling information to those who are seeking
help with what your products and services provide.

3) Also, you’ll be able to see whether there are many HIGH authority blogs
within your chosen niche and this will be a strong indication too that there
is room for you to be able to build an online business around this niche.

Again, you can look at these blogs to see whether the blog owners are
actively trying to sell their products and services via their blogs.

Also, you can look to see whether they are trying to build their email
lists at their blogs. If they are, you know that they are doing so because
of the PROFIT value they have by adding a subscriber into their marketing
funnel so that those leads can be turned into ACTIVE repeat buyers as they
progress through their sales funnel.

4) Are lot’s of marketers selling HIGH TICKET coaching programs?

This is a HUGE indication that there is room for you to be able to offer
higher priced ticket products and programs as part of your business
model within this particular niche.

As you may already know, I personally offer one on one coaching
packages via my blog because I know that there are lot’s of people
who don’t want to buy my lower priced single products and they would
much rather be able to spend more time with me.

This allows them to avoid as many pitfalls as possible and set up
their online businesses much faster than they would if they were to try
and guess their way towards seeing real results from their online business.

So always look for any kind of coaching, done for you kind of programs,
HIGH TICKET ready made affiliate programs that charge $300, $700,
$1,000, $2,000 and more and you can be sure that this is a niche that
can offer plenty of profits for your new online business venture.

And one great advantage to fidning a HUGE niche is that you can then
look to drill down into the sub niche areas and widen your potential for
profits that way.

There are lot’s of marketers that do this. They aim to establish themselves
first then try to become the “Go To” expert within that sub niche and dominate
their marketplace.

So to quickly recap on what you’ve learned today you can now go out and easily
find a huge profitable niche by:

1) Looking for forums with lot’s of members.

2) Looking for blog owners that have lot’s of traffic.

3) Are people actively building email lists?

4) Are people selling lot’s of products and services in that niche?

5) Are BIG ticket coaching programs & services being sold?

6) Are there lot’s of sub niche areas available for you to venture into?

Once you’ve covered everything as mentioned here today and are happy with
your chosen niche, I would strongly recommend YOU look at building your
own email list of targeted subscribers so that you too can build your own
buyers list, make repeat sales, and of course, grow your online business and
make your online business as profitable as possible.