Powerful Traffic Generation Strategies to Pull in Targeted Visitors to Your Sites

Finding what works for your business is vital when considering traffic generation strategies. Nobody wants to find they have used up all their time and money for nothing after all. If you are just starting out, it is probably fair to say that you will only have time on your hands and not a large amount of cash to spare. There are ways around this problem but using the right free traffic generation strategy is something you have to test to find out first. Buying traffic will become an option once you see some results from your earlier efforts. Also, you can utilise high traffic sites to create targeted traffic back to your site.

All this shall be covered within this article, so sit back and enjoy these proven traffic generation strategies that can save you lots of wasted time and effort.

Traffic Source #1: Using Facebook to Create Floods of Free Traffic

Facebook has to be one of the best free traffic generation strategies. It can take a little time before you see any kind of life changing results, but it is well worth your time and effort to be patient with this method. Take time to ensure your profile is both interesting and engaging as you will find that once your profile connects with people in a certain way; your profits can begin to hit the roof. Make sure your profile is public so that people can share your information, post useful information regularly and network with the people who have supported you.

Traffic Source #2: Using Articles to Spread your Message far & Wide

Article writing has been around for years and it continues to be one of the sure-fire ways of generating massive amounts of free targeted traffic. Once you have an article, you can distribute it to many different places on the web. Just imagine if you had 500 articles written around a specific subject within your chosen niche and then spreading them around as many different places on the web as possible. Do you think this may cause an avalanche of traffic to come flooding towards your site month after month?

Traffic Source #3: Buying Solo Ads to Ultra Responsive lists     

This paid traffic technique will speed up your traffic generation building efforts at an incredible rate. Not only that, you can pick and choose which lists you would like your ad to be promoted to. These subscribers are also pre-qualified because they have already signed up to a free newsletter that is closely related to what you are in. You can become a member at the D.O.E. and this is a paid membership subscription. Once you are a member, you can scroll through a list to see where you want to place your solo ad and it will be sent accordingly. Also you can find well known and trusted figures within your niche; sign up to their newsletters and ask them if they will sell a solo ad to you.

Traffic Source #4: Become a Contributor

This is a free traffic generation technique and is usually free to sign up to become a contributor as well. You do have an option to pay for your free gift to appear on certain pages but it is fine for you to just use the free version at the beginning. The way this works is that you upload your free gift to the site once you become a member, then send one of the emails out to your list that has been provided by the site. That email will contain a link with your I.D. on it and when someone from your list signs up for someone else’s free gift on that site, you will earn credits. The more that this happens, the higher up the rankings you go and therefore, more people shall see your free offer when other members send their subscribers to the same site.

Traffic Source #5: Facebook Part 2 – Paid Version

Many online marketers consider using Facebook ads instead of AdWords nowadays. This is because the ads and campaigns are much cheaper to run. Again, traffic is the key here and it is estimated that Facebook will eventually surpass Google in the numbers of visitors it receives combined with other social network sites. So as you can see, it may be a good idea to use the free Facebook campaign option first, and move onto the paid ads version. You can also target your ads to specifically match your offers. This includes age range, sex, interests, music tastes and much more. Just aim to get one campaign correct first and follow up with another once you understand the process.

You now have the basis of several traffic generation strategies that will enable you to get off to a great start and hopefully will divert you from any kind of frustration.