Peeling Back The Curtain – My Online Journey, List Building, Solo Ads, Traffic, Product Creation & More…

micHi Guys,

Here’s an in depth interview I had recently with “Ken Stone”.

His questions were brilliant, thought provoking and literally FORCED ME to ‘PEEL back the curtain’ to my online business vault of secrets.

Well how could I resist?

If you know me well enough by now; you know that I’m a very approachable guy and I’m always here to help others wherever I possibly can.

I must admit that Ken does things a little differently when it comes to starting off his interviews.

Usually any other kind of interviews I’ve done in the past have started with me and the interviewer talking first and then hitting the “RECORD” button once we’re both ready.

But as soon as I jumped on board with Ken he started rattling off those questions right away LOL!

So at the start off this interview you may hear a few “HELLOS” as I get to grips with Ken’s style.

But once this call got going; I begun to reveal some pretty powerful stuff that I’m sure can really help you in your business moving forward so grab yourself a Coffee, take a pen and notepad too and get ready to jot down lot’s of notes.

And most of all…….ENJOY!

Okay here you go:

If you have any questions or need any further help please use the support email above this page and I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.