Online Business Coaching – What Does A Successful Online Business Look Like

Hello everyone, it’s Gavin Birchall here and within today’s training module I’m going to
be sharing with you what I usually call my “Foundation 4 Business Model”.

And it’s a foundation 4 model that has been simplified for creating a successful
online business.

Sometimes I find though that because of the simplicity of this model, many of my
clients that I teach this EXACT model to often get stuck with it’s simplicity.

Then they often get lost with the volume and scalability to make this work. But the more
I teach this model and it’s simplicity, the more I realize that this is the EXACT business
model that I personally use to this day and will still continue to use for the next few years
and beyond.

And it’s still the exact business model that almost all of the MOST successful online
business owners on this planet use to this day too.

So now without the chance of having to sound too repetitive here, I think it’s time to
now share this EXACT foundation 4 business model with you.

Like I’ve already said for me it’s called the Foundation 4 business model but of course
once you adopt this into your every day online business strategy, you can then call this
what you like.

So basically the way that this foundation 4 business model will work for you is that
there are basically 4 main categories within this simplified business model.

And all you need to do every single day, is do at least one thing for each one of those
foundation 4 categories in your online business.

That’s it.

Now for some of you, obviously you’ll be able do a lot more which will mean the more
success you’ll naturally have with it.

So as an example let’s say that you were a building contractor and you had to build
a new housing estate that had let’s say 50 houses planned for build on that new building

Your plan of action for building those houses might be that you had to do 4 things on
those new houses every single day so that you stayed on track with the contract.

So those 4 things might be:

1) Uncovering, laying & setting the foundations

2) Building the outer shells of those houses

3) Adding the roofs to those houses

4) And finally, adding the windows and then adding the doors

So for each day that passes by, your main focus is to just focus on these 4 tasks
for your building project.

But let’s also imagine that you didn’t necessarily have to do these 4 tasks in any particular

So instead you might do things a little more like this:

1) You would do some work on the foundations

2) Then you would do some on the outer shell of the houses

3) Then the roofing work

4) And then a little bit on the doors and windows

And now if you just focused on doing a little bit on every one of these 4 tasks every
single day.

Pretty soon you would be able to look up and notice that you now have almost
completed the 50 house contract that you signed up for to complete at the
beginning of your contract.

Hope fully you’re beginning to see where we’re going with this.

So let’s say that you only spent 20 minutes each day on each task that we’ve
just mentioned right.

It’s fair to say that it would take you much longer to complete the contract than if
you were to spend 1 hour day on each 4 of the tasks instead.

So you could look at things this way when using the foundation 4 model.

Let’s imagine that you were looking to start your own online marketing business
but you had other commitments and that only allowed you to able to spend 2
hours a day working on the foundation 4 business model.

That would give you 30 minutes each day to spend on each 1 of the 4 foundation
areas in your online business right?

So, over time your business would naturally grow and build under it’s own momentum.

And if you were a FULL time marketer and you put in 4 hours your business would
grow faster than the part time 2 hour marketer.

But let’s say that you put in 8 hours a day into it, you would get far more out of your
business than you would of you were to work for just 2 hours a day.

So as another example just to really clarify this for you, let’s say that you were to walk from New York to London.

Let’s just imagine that there’s this imaginary bridge across the Atlantic that allowed you
to do that.

So, if you walked across this imaginary bridge from New York to London for just 2 hours a day it would take you far longer than if you were to walk non stop for 8 hours a day.

That’s just how it works, it’s just the way that this would work out for you if you did this for either 2 or 8 hours per day.

And that’s the EXACT way this works for my foundation 4 business model.

And here’s one Big problem that I’ve found when I ask people what they’re currently doing in terms of sheer volume to build their online business every single day.

Some of them say to me that they’re working full time – 8, 9, 10 or 12 hours a day.

But when I look at their business and see what they have actually accomplished, it’s clear to see that they’ve fallen into the distraction trap and are only actually working for 2 hours a day on their business on things that actually produce results.

These 2 hours are being spread out over these 8, 10 or 12 hours that they say they are working for.

So, it’s absolutely vital for you that when using the foundation 4 model that I’ll be sharing with you very soon, that you must be putting in those 2 hours for each of the 4 foundations every single day if you were able to work 8 hours a day that is into your online business.

So anything else like checking emails, looking at YouTube videos for example isn’t part of that 4 foundation model, then it shouldn’t be in any part of your 8 hour working day at all until your foundation 4 tasks are completed.

Another thing to stress before I actually uncover the model is this:

This is the EXACT foundation 4 model I use every day in my business and from all the research that I’ve done in past of other successful marketers, it’s the same model that they use too.

But sometimes, and only sometimes I come across a client that owns a business that is unique and has another daily task that MUST be completed every single day.

And I’ve had clients say to me that my model won’t work for them because they have this 1 extra thing they have to take of every single day in their online business.

But my simple answer to this is. YES, this model will work just as well for you as it will for anyone that is willing to implement this into their business every single day.

All that will happen is that they now have a foundation 5 model instead of a foundation 4 model.

And this will be unique to you and your own online business.

And the very simple way that this will work for you is that every single day when you sit down at your computer, you’ll pull out a single sheet of paper or open a text file on your computer with your foundation 4 model written or typed down in front of you.

And these will be listed in a numbered fashion: 1, 2 , 3 & 4.

Then for the 1st task on your list of foundation 4, you’ll write down EXACTLY what you need to do in order to complete that task for the day.

Then your 2nd foundation task and write it down.

Your 3rd foundation task, write it down.

Your 4th task, write it down.

And if you have a 5th task in your business that you must do every single day, write that down too.

And now all you need to do once your list is clearly written down, you’ll put that sheet of paper away in a safe place or save your notepad on your computer and close it.

And then everyday when you start work on your online business, you’ll either pull out that same sheet of paper or open up that notepad and you’ll work through each one of those foundation 4 tasks every single day.

And when you’ve completed all of those 4 or 5 tasks, you’re done for the day and you can go and watch a movie with your family or take them out to dinner or whatever it is
you enjoy doing.

Then you’ll simply wake up the next day and work through the same plan until it’s done.

Now do you feel like this is something that is more manageable and that you can do every single day?


It works!

Go and do it now. It will give you clarity, a clear plan of action and will cure any confusion or information overload you’re getting from all the other noise that goes on online.