One Question! Would YOU Say that you are a Serious Marketer Yet?

questionmarkman-180Here are some nice tester questions to
ask to see whether you are still a serial
‘Buyer’ or ‘Creator’.

What I mean is that once you decide
that enough is enough and you finally
take the plunge…

…And start selling your own systems/
products online.

That show people how to get away
from where they are now and get to
their GOALS in life.

Mainly financial freedom type(s) of
goals in our I.M./M.M.O industry…

…Then you will finally realize YOU are
now in the driving seat and that it is
literally possible to “create money
out of thin air”.

Because the truth is simply this…

…There are always going to be newcomers
online heading over in their thousands
each & every day…

…Looking for ways to make some extra
dosh, moolah, cash or whatever you wish
to call it.

Let’s face it, why wouldn’t anyone be
attracted by the possibility of being
able to work from home & have the
chance to earn 4, 5 or even 6 figures online.

So ask yourself are you:

1. Still confused & don’t know where to
even begin?

2. Still find yourself buying product
after product?

3. Have taken action on them before
only to have been left feeling even
more confused than when you first

4. Everyone else on the web seems to
be making great incomes online whilst
you stand alone wondering what the hell
you have to do to even make a single $1?

5. Have you created your first product

If you have answered questions 1-4 as
YES and question 5 as NO…

…Then you really need to look at what
every successful online marketer is
doing and not what they are TELLING
you to do.

You see the reason why you see so many
product launches being created on the
Warrior Forum, sent to your inbox etc etc…

…Is because when done right they work!

Sure the product and strategies within
them have to be great or else the marketers
reputation can be ruined overnight.

But when you have something to share,
give to others…

…You have something unique that no-one
else can create because it is your brand/

It doesn’t have to be the “Make 6 figures
in 30 days” type systems.

It could be a “How to create killer videos”.


…”Where to find the latest hot PLR
products online”.

Etc, etc.

So ask yourself if you have been online
for a while now and know some skills
that you could share and sell for profits.

Then make a simple list now & get

Create a simple pdf report or a few
short videos.

And get them uploaded to the Warrior
Forum as a WSO.

Trust me once you begin writing down
what you have learned over the years
off other marketers online…

…You’ll be amazed at how many skills
you actually possess that could be
transformed into profits and can be
sold online…

…To an audience that is actively seeking
out the information you have cluttered
up in your head!

What’s more, they are willing to…


Just some food for thought guys.

But don’t think too long eh folks!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Gavin Birchall


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