Newcomer Friendly List Building Tips – 3 Simple Tactics YOU Can Use To Crank Out Huge Profits!

Knowing how to set up profitable Internet Marketing systems can be a fun and exciting experience for any newcomer who is looking to make money online. List building is by far the most tried and tested online business model that has proven to be life changing for many up and coming Internet Marketers.

These 3 following tactics are going to show you just how simple they can be to set up once you have the correct procedures in place:

Step 1 – Create A High Converting Lead Capture Page

This is a simple one page website that captures your visitors name and email address so you can further communicate with them. This is the starting point of your sales funnel so it is important you test it to make sure it is converting at a high conversion rate.

This is something you can always improve as you go with simple changes that can easily be applied at any time. You can change the title, graphics or any of the copy-writing with just a few clicks.

It is important for you to get something out there and not worry too much about it being perfect. Many people fail to get this step completed because they are too concerned with trying to get their squeeze pages to look perfect before they test them. Don’t make this mistake and just focus on getting something out there so you can start testing your sales funnel from front to end.

Step 2 – Give Away A FREE High Quality Offer

Time is everything when it comes to building highly profitable list building campaigns. This step should not be overlooked in any way possible and you need to create a free product that is of high quality and can help to solve a problem someone may be having that requires immediate attention.

You can always give away a free video sample from one of your products, give away a free report or even share a case study that demonstrates how valuable your information is. What ever you decide upon just make sure it can help someone to solve a particular problem and will increase the chances of that person joining your email list.

Don’t rush this step as creating a positive first impression is paramount to increasing your response rates to future emails you will be sending out to your subscribers once they have opted into your email database.

Step 3 – Create An Enticing OTO (one time offer)

Creating a one time offer that can be seen as soon as someone opts into your list is a great strategy for building a buyers list. Once someone decides to purchase your OTO; you can add them to a segmented buyers list within your auto-responder. Owning a huge proven buyers list is a fantastic asset to add to your online business and can be very profitable for future product launches, affiliate offers and joint ventures.

This is something many newcomers may not own to their advantage at the beginning of their Internet Marketing ventures. This step can be taken care of by using affiliate products as one time offers. They have to be closely related to your free offer and carry a further benefit that compliments your free gift.

Of course you will not be able to build a buyers list yourself of you use an affiliate offer but it is still a great way to build your list using paid advertising methods and allows you to make some of that initial investment back you spent on advertising. So now you are literally building your list for free but at a much faster rate than using free advertising methods.

Again you need to make sure that the OTO is to a very high standard of quality and is closely related to your free offer to ensure you make money at the front end of your sales funnel as well as the back end sales funnel profits.