My Top 5 Most Powerful Traffic Generation Techniques for 2015 and Beyond


My Top 5 Most Powerful Traffic Generation Techniques for 2015 and Beyond

Now I know for certain that many of you already know that ‘TRAFFIC’ is the lifeblood of any online business.

traffic-200So your main focus once you have everything in place must be to drive traffic to it!

Whether it be PAID or FREE traffic.


What’s the point of putting in all that effort of learning how to create a squeeze page, creating products, creating sales pages, setting up your email messages to go out automatically and all that good stuff if…


Sorry to sound a bit blunt here guys.

But because I see it happen all the time where someone gets all excited about this list building thing, they set everything up and then they sit around waiting for sales to “MAGICALLY POUR IN”.

Only to be left feeling completely bewildered and totally DESTROYED.

Both in spirit, faith, money and time.

It’s TRUE.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done it MYSELF (in the past of course because I am now a fully confessed traffic junky freak).

So please don’t go thinking that these following 5 traffic techniques I’m going to be sharing with you are just here for your entertainment…

…Because they’re NOT!

They’re here to give you an exact gauge of what is WORKING FOR ME right now and I am going to continue to use them until they stop working for me.

But I can’t see that happening any time soon as far as I can see anyway.



Now some of you may not know what these are and some of you will be more than familiar with them. The letters stand for Warrior Special Offer’s and obviously the FREE means that you are giving away this offer for absolutely no cost to the visitor.


You can set up one these at the Warrior Forum and it will mainly be a FREE offer that is to do with the Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche areas.

Many offers include:

  • FREE squeeze page giveaways
  • FREE money making techniques reports
  • How to build a list of 1000 subscribers in 30 days – FREE videos
  • Copy a system for FREE that shows you how I made $2,457 in a matter of days

And so on & so forth.

It currently costs around $40 to be able to set one of these up but you have to remember that the traffic is extremely HOT & super TARGETED so as long as you have an offer that is powerful and in demand; you can expect to see some decent traffic begin to pour into your sales funnel.

SALES FUNNEL? (I here you ask)


You will want to set up a squeeze page that can collect email addresses that see your FREE offer then you can even direct those new leads straight to one of your PAID OFFERS as soon as they opt in.

You are of course paying for the traffic; so you might as well try to make some sales right off the bat and add some “BUYERS” into your email subscribers list.


Yeah I know a bit old school and indeed doesn’t sound very exciting does it but believe me I know you can build a super targeted list of subscribers & indeed BUYERS once you get a run at using this traffic method.

This one is FREE of course so don’t expect to see instant results and traffic begin to explode towards your offers fast.

And yes you are exchanging your time for money but it’s what YOU do with the traffic from these forums that is important.

You see most forums allow their members to leave a signature link at the bottom of their posts once they add their views, comments etc to a thread that has been left by another member at that forum.

This allows you to build your list from these signature links as they will be mainly pointing back to your squeeze page(s) and you can even have them pointing back to your blog, your products and any other offers you may have.

So the main one I use is again the Warrior Forum as this has many fresh faced I.M. newcomers that need help and want to know more about list building, which hosting providers to use, setting up squeeze pages, how to find good reliable outsources and tons more to name a few.



I have to admit that I put this one off for a very long time & I regret doing so now if I’m totally honest.

All you need to do with this is search on Google and type in your main niche keyword and then add “BLOGS” at the end of it.

So for example you could type in “Weight Loss Blogs” and you’ll find 1000’s of blogs you can begin to leave comments at. It is far easier to use Google Alerts to help notify you when a new post you can comment on has been published.

This way you get to the front of the queue and are able to leave a comment at that blog before all the rest of the herd gets in front of you.

Now you have the option of adding your website address into the comments box below the posts so make sure you add yours before posting.

Also another tip is to make sure YOU NEVER SPAM! That means don’t just add any old comment to the post because you are literally sitting under a GOLDMINE with this traffic source and you can use this to build traffic back to your blog and build your list at the same time if you have an opt in from placed nicely in view at your blog.

Again this traffic is laser targeted so make sure you use this to your advantage and start seeing that traffic pour into your business.


This is the kind of traffic I absolutely LOVE to see!

Once you’ve been driving traffic for a good few weeks, months or even years; you’ll begin notice from your stats that you begin to see the words “DIRECT TRAFFIC” begin to appear in your Google Analytics account.

You see once you begin to post regular good quality posts at your blog and share them with your subscribers, you are leaving quality comments at other blogs and leaving a link back to your blog etc etc; you will begin to see these magic words begin to appear more regularly in your analytics account.

Other blogs will begin to follow you as your reputation begins to flourish because you are known for posting regular high quality content at your blog.

You see this is where people are remembering you for that great article you posted and are actively seeking it out again by typing your domain name into their browsers.

This is the kind of repeat visitor you want and the more this you get the better.

I would say this is a result of the hard work you initially put into the quality of your content and in combination with the amount of time you’ve focused on driving traffic using some of the methods I’ve shared with you here today.


This is paid traffic source but one that should not be underestimated.

I love solo ads because of the FAST, DIRECT & laser targeted traffic you get from them to your offers.

You simply pay a solo ad vendor $45 for 100 clicks, $95 for 200 clicks or $140 for 300 clicks and so on.

As you can see the price actually decreases the more clicks you buy but I will advise you that you always do a tester run of the smallest click package first just to make sure your offer suits their list of subscribers.


You can always either Skype or email the seller first to see whether their list is suitable for your FREE offer or not.

If they get back in touch sooner rather then later you know they are probably more trust worthy and you may want to try them out.

Basically you buy the clicks and they then send out an email swipe (provided by you or the seller writes their own) that points back to your squeeze page.

You then get some new subscribers opting into your email list and you can even set your auto-responder to single opt-in so that you can place an offer behind your free one.

This gives you a chance to make some front end sales and make most of your money back spent on the solo ad.

If you manage to break even, you then are literally building your list SUPER FAST & for ZERO COST!

Not bad eh?

Well that’s it for today folks!

Hope you enjoyed reading this today and looking forward to you guys seeing some success with it.

And as usual GOOD QUALITY & HELPFUL COMMENTS/QUESTIONS are always welcome below…

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