More List Building Tips – Striking a Balance between Fast & Slower List Building Methods

Hopefully these list building tips can help you decide on the right approach when considering your list building marketing plan of action. When considering a fast approach to list building, we tend to look at buying our way to huge numbers of subscribers. This does not entirely guarantee fast profits and needs to be tested before even considering continuing with this approach.

Discovering that you can simply go online and purchase some easy clicks and hope that they subscribe can be very enticing for many online business owners. There are many companies online who are willing to sell you their lists in exchange for a set fee. This can be a very easy way to get hundreds of subscribers onto your list almost overnight. This can also be a mistake when considering these subscribers did not ask for your information in the first place.

You have to be more subtle with this approach and many marketers online now ask list owners to send a promotional email out to their lists first. This ensures that the subscriber has at least looked at the promotion first before deciding whether to opt-in to your list. To make the subscriber absolutely certain, you can have them “double opt-in” so they receive an email first and then they have to confirm that email request by clicking on a confirmation link.

By making sure someone actually wants to view your information before sending it to them, builds trust and receptiveness with your audience. There is nothing more off-putting than receiving emails that you are remotely interested in or have not even requested.

Using free list building methods like; forum marketing, blog commenting, article writing and so on, allows visitors to see what you are about before making any conscious decisions. This stands your business in good stead when it comes to promoting your brand and marketing to your audience via email based marketing methods.

Whilst both of these methods can be extremely beneficial to your online business, it is hard to say which one will work best for your business. You have to venture before you gain and I would strongly suggest using both with a thought of balance in mind will allow you to gauge and measure your future list building approach.